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May 27, 2014
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Critique this matchpoint auction
Interesting you made it a Matchpoint problem when the hand occurred playing IMPs. Particularly at this vul, not sure I see the merit in running, at any scoring. Even when pard had a 5 card minor, I am 3 off or so... Doesn’t need much to change to show ...
2D weak one major
This is also what I play, Including in competition...
The Wonder of Bridge Down Under
player behaviour is driven by the cut-off set. If cutoff is 5 mins before game time, last minute entries will flow through then, if it is a few days or a week prior, those same players will sort themselves out then.
Turkish Winter Nationals- New Record
Wasn't trying to claim any records...
Turkish Winter Nationals- New Record
Setting records is always great!! The Gold Coast event in Australia (18-25 Feb) currently has 482 teams entries and with concurrent side events entries 512 tables in total.
Liam Milne's bidding problem: --- Q8653 AKQ852 KJ
Methods may hamper the auction, but if LHO bids some number of spades, I think I would rather have started with 1D.
How to deal with this ?
Completely agree
Saverio Margiotta's lead problem: K52 QT 543 QJ742
RHO and LHO have both shown 'stuff' in clubs, so will leave that suit alone... Striking gold elsewhere (including not conceding) seems more likely.
Scoring Swiss Matches
You are correct wallets are used rather than boards at larger events. I don't think this is a significant price to pay?
Scoring Swiss Matches
The Gold Coast event in Australia would frequently have 250-300 teams - all pre duplicated boards. I echo Avon's comment that I haven't played without them for 15-20 years.

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