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Nicolas Hammond
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Aug. 14, 2014
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Bridge player. IBPA member. CEO Hammond Software. Hammond Software developed ACBLscore+, now known as Bridgescore+.

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Financial fraudsters are targeting ACBL entities
ACBL publishes the private Email of all Unit and Districts officers. Ironic given their privacy policy. To see them all: Replace XXX with your 3 digit unit number. For example: is Unit 138 in Mississippi. Hover ...
Financial fraudsters are targeting ACBL entities
Has been _potentially_ compromised. Subtle but important point. Access to encrypted passwords does not mean actual compromise. But if your password was simple, probably so.
Web Movement?
The general rule is that you need 2 sets of boards for an even number of tables; 3 sets of boards for an odd number of tables. See Jon's diagrams at for an explanation of which board sets sit at ...
Financial fraudsters are targeting ACBL entities
Population is about 190,000,000 (~ 1/2 of USA). About 1/2 population lives on under USA $2/day.
Financial fraudsters are targeting ACBL entities
Mitch is CIO; not director of security. For anyone that has ever been a CIO; you will know that phishing attacks are common, virtually daily. If you sent out a warning every time someone received a phishing attacking, you would daily be emailing all possible recipients. You become the boy ...
Financial fraudsters are targeting ACBL entities
Gary: It is trivial to fake the "From:" header. It is trivial to send multiple emails, but send each one so it appears that you are the only email recipient. I've been doing Internet Security/Computer Security since 1989. Couple of network security patents. Set up security of first ...
Zero Tolerance can work!
In case you don't know who we are talking about:
Zero Tolerance can work!
I wouldn't say this was the best comment on Bridgewinners. But it is in the top one ... Brian.
Web Movement?
There was so much work done on ACBLscore+ that I hate to see any of it wasted. Jon did work on some of the code; but he kindly donated this work which was done before he was hired. It helped many people understand the basics of how web movements operate.
Web Movement?
Web movements are the way to go. Here's some diagrams that may help you: They were originally created by Jon Gustafson who kept the copyright but allowed the ACBLscore+ project (and Bridgescore+) to use them. Covers 'standard' web movements for ...

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