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Bridge player. IBPA member. CEO Hammond Software. Hammond Software developed ACBLscore+, now known as Bridgescore+.

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Bridge in modern media: Kotaku article and BFF Youtube Series
I found this the funniest and saddest quote. Someone posted the comment "Article written about the authors’ discovery that playing the card game Bridge is surprisingly fun and enjoyable. Shows picture of Texas Hold ‘Em" The author, Gita Jackson, replied: "PLEASE FIND ME A PICTURE OF HUMAN BEINGS PLAYING SPECIFICALLY ...
The Burgay Tape
Details of book are at
My Grandson
Or too young! Sorry about earlier typo.
My Grandson
I played with my then six year old son at the Atlanta NABC a few years ago. It was an open pairs. We had no late plays, no director calls, and we didn't finish last or second to last. We played Stayman, transfers, no carding. Every child is different ...
My Grandson
Do what Carolyn did:
Reese’s Pieces
Do you think that the modern defenders are better than the pairs from years ago because there are more/better agreements on defense than years ago?
Reese’s Pieces
@Avon/Peter: I cover 1955 in my book. Form your opinion from the data when you see it. If you had to rank R/S, F/S, F/N, B/L, P/S, B/Z, E/W, Belladonna/Garozzo, Hamman/Wolff, Hamman/Soloway, Belladonna/Avarelli, Meckstroth/Rodwell, Lauria/Versace, Helgemo ...
Confession Is Good For The Goal
@Jim. Some people have the 1965 book. But no-one has transcribed it AFAIK. Avon and others recently did the 1958 Bermuda Bowl. I added summary information from the 58 BB to my book, but it was too late to add the player data to my player profiles. A brief summary ...
Confession Is Good For The Goal
One suspects that the R/S incident causes a change from 1963 to 1975. There are some books on sale on eBay that have the 1963 Laws. It appears that there might be a 1971 Amended edition.
Confession Is Good For The Goal
David wrote, "The table record is rarely going to be demonstrative." A single table record is not. Multiple table records are. Suppose setting the contract relies on switching to a certain suit in the middle of a hand. Dummy/I have the same cards in both suits. It is a ...

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