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Aug. 14, 2014
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Bridge player. IBPA member. CEO Hammond Software. Hammond Software developed ACBLscore+, now known as Bridgescore+.

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Ethics, gamesmanship and the law
Jim: the operational logistics of number of sets of boards required for 'n' teams are usually based on floor space and layout. For example, if you are playing a bracketed Round Robin, you can reuse boards between brackets in different rounds. If you are playing a KO, you can reuse ...
Video footage of kids playing bridge?
See Filmed 12 years ago. Some of these kids are still playing!
Episode 14: Meck
Statistically Jeff & Eric have been one of the top American pairs for many years. They are one of the few pairs that has become better post 2015 (even when looking at data with all known cheaters removed).
Rate mY Idiocy
@Steve. It was Board 12 in the Friday morning game. Mike was playing with Anton Habash. The power of the Internet means you can look up the LHO and RHO. Can't be bothered to format but here are the North, West, East, South hands. K 9 4 2 A ...
Open Letter to ACBL Board of Directors -- Housing Bureau, NABC Rooms, Montreal Summer NABC
Richard: Try talking to the local organizer of a Sectional or Regional to better understand the logistics of bridge tournaments. The hotel wants money for their convention space, for rooms, for the kitchens. How this is allocated is part of negotiating the hotel contract. Every contract negotiation is different. For ...
Open Letter to ACBL Board of Directors -- Housing Bureau, NABC Rooms, Montreal Summer NABC
Look at the situation from ACBL's perspective. They are required to show a certain number of rooms booked "room nights" to guarantee cheap convention space. If they allow people to book direct, there is no tracking with the hotel(s) that the rooms are booked with for Bridge. When ...
Open Letter to ACBL Board of Directors -- Housing Bureau, NABC Rooms, Montreal Summer NABC
That is what they do with Regionals. ACBL has patron members so NABCs are treated differently than regionals. There are perks with being a patron member. Handling NABC rooms is more complicated than most people think.
NABC results of Blue Team members
About four years ago I put together a lot of Wikipedia pages on Bridge players. I sourced the data from the original sources and some of this ended up on Wikipedia pages. My data from 4 years ago is on Github. For example, for Garozzo see ...
Upgrading, disclosure and ethics under the laws of bridge as promulgated by the ACBL (2017)
I do not disagree that this hand is worth an upgrade. 4 aces; five card suit; if you are going to upgrade, this is the hand to do it with. The issue is if your convention card (CC) should be marked "19-20" or "18+ to 20". Or should have somewhere ...
Official Spanish Team Statement
To be clear: the Regulations in WBF events are different than the Regulations in non WBF events. The BBO hands I pulled for Bathurst/Lall were mainly from non WBF events. I do have the data on all other pairs. I don't know who plays a strong club system ...

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