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Nicolas Hammond
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Aug. 14, 2014
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about me

Bridge player. IBPA member. CEO Hammond Software. Hammond Software developed ACBLscore+, now known as Bridgescore+.

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It Happened One Day
@Avon; "Forgive my whining, but what is your explanation for that?" It might be simple statistical expectation. Zimmermann's accuracy rate is 84%, top pairs are just under 81%. We would probably expect a bell curve around the 81% mark. It could be that the pro tries to find the ...
Coast Conduct
I'll make a guess at K 10 9 7 6 5 - A K 10 6 5 2 5 And his opponents were.... (I'll email you if you want to know) Edit: Hand taken from the event where OP bid and made 5.
“Detecting Cheating in Bridge” by Nic Hammond. Preliminary thoughts
Essentially, this is what I already have. The problems are more complex than in your diagram. But I have data from lots of different sources. Several NBOs at this point.
Coast Conduct
Then the OP should publish the names, not "two world class opponents". Unfortunately without video, it can become a he said/he said argument.
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Then don't provide any details. Once you name a tournament, an auction/contract, particularly a relatively unusual contract, and a table result, you have almost named the pair. In this tournament, there was only one 5 contract making by this player where he had 5+ spades (opening bid).
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Unfortunately MB has named the culprits. Albeit indirectly. MB has provided sufficient information for anyone to look up the hand and his opponents (tournament, auction, final contract, table result, bidding ==> hand). MB: Why not just name them directly?
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Full deal: Edit: Added the BIT. Opponents names are not shown.
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Wasn't exactly an uneducated guess. LA was not an opponent. The opponents were... well, you can look them up. Neither are from Los Angeles or Louisiana AFAIK.
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Coast Conduct
I've posted the hand above.

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