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Aug. 10, 2010
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Bundesliga jewel: Bridge over broken hearts
Thanks Roland This is an exciting board and article representing the best in bridge! I believe Leif-Erik and you advocates - and I agree - that Declarer should plays when in on A (OBS Leif-Erik: not in on Q, since North took over J with K). However, if we now swab ...
Board 3 from the 02/05/2018 Common Game
Thanks Ben - and sorry for missing the information about 4 being a re-transfer. Maybe, I can use this opportunity to ask a related, but more general question: If re-transfer is agreed upon, will bidding of 4Ma be a cuebid in the suit used for transfer for example: 2-2 ...
Board 3 from the 02/05/2018 Common Game
The above bidding to 7 would have stopped at 4, if I was North. I would have assumed the 4 bid in South to be a hand without -CB, e.g.: * KQx / AQx / Jx / AKQJx or * KQxx / AQx / Jx / AKQJ or * KQxx / AQ / Jx / AKQJx or... The ...
Play 6N
As I read it, West has 4 's (987"low"), so West is probably 4-5-0-4, 5-4-0-4 or maybe 3-6-0-4. West's discards of a and a indicates 5-4-0-4 (or 3-6-0-4!), since with 4-5-0-4 discarding 2 's seems simple and keeps the pressure on the 4th ...
Diamonds - ever or never?
You may not feel that much more comfortable being in 3NT? This board was played at 14 tables in Denmark's strongest club. At 5 of them, Declarer was in 3NT: North went down 3 of 4 times (9 tricks after a lead, 8 after a -lead, and 7-8 ...
In the Well: Dennis Bilde
Hey Dennis I will try to phrase the following as a question, but actually it is mainly to emphasize the great job you and your father, Morten, do for Danish junior and school bridge: How short time did you and Morten have to recover from the cross-atlantic travel before starting ...
Showing the Four of Spades
Just a remark reflecting on the different (or suspicious) bidding styles "back then"(19??) vs today: I would have liked to also see a Bridgewinners' poll of the 2nd round bid of West's opening hand of the last deal on page 2 above: White vs Red / 1-(Pass ...
Change of plans or not?
Thanks for all votes and comments In my opinion Declarer chose the best plan (#2 above) by taking A, to K (probably checking for T from East), but actually seeing 2 (East) and 8 (West), then 5-T-A-4, and A-J-9-2, but when continuing towards K, East trumped and also ...
Safer, but maybe not that much?
That is true: 2-6 and ruff in front with T makes the discard an automatical loser-on-loser, thanks Kieran :) That further reduces the margin of the safety play! /Niels
How would you have acted?
From an unofficial communication with the Chairman of the Danish Appeal Committee, Jens Brix Christiansen, I have now learned about the specific Danish rules for cases like this: "The general rule not to alert Dbl, which is in force when playing without screens, is not valid when playing with screens ...
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