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Nov. 8, 2011
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Another Game Won by Alpha
[b][i]Alphazero[i][/b] ran on 1st generation [b][i]TPU[i][/b]s (Google's Tensor Progamming Unit -- a simple fast integrated circuit, designed specifically for [b][i]neural-netwoks[/i][/b]). The program was given just the basic rules of the game ([b][i]Shogi, Go, and Chess ...
Was I injured
[quote="Michael Shuster"]'It is clear they had no agreement and you were given MI.'[/quote] Agree with Michael Schuster. [quote="John Moschella"]'Why should they be punished because they have notes.'[/quote] John Moschella poses an interesting question. The rules of Bridge seem especially hard on those who try ...
Congratulations Greg Lawler Well done!
Director call vs. fun
Current Bridge-rules are too [b][i]woolly, sophisticated, and subjective[/i][/b]. Few players or directors understand them. This entails lots of director-calls. In the official introduction to the [bi][i]WBF Law-book[/i][/b], the rule-makers state that their aim is [b][i]Equity[/i][/b] (to restore the ...
Mortons fork and strip squeeze- dinner and a show
Interesting deal. Declarer can make 6N on any lead. e.g. Win 4 lead with J. Cash A, A. Lead a 8. South splits and you win K. Cross back to hand and lead a . South ducks and you win K. Now run your black suits to strip South ...
Director ruling
To use UI is usually a [b][i]no-lose[/i][/b] decision... Suppose you are aware of a logical alternative but you are tempted to take the action, which unauthorized information from partner suggests will be more successful. [list] [*]You are aware that nobody (not even directors/law-makers) seems to ...
Director ruling
North's hesitation over South's 4 suggests alternatives to 5. This information is unauthorized to South, for whom, a poll would show that Pass was a less successful logical alternative to 6. Arguably, North's hesitations are [b][i]overbids[/i][/b], but what the hesitations ...
common game Tuesday 8th board 15
I think the defence prevail, if you swap T and 9 in the original diagram.
Lanzarotti Readmitted to ACBL
[quote="Avon Wilsmore"] 'Can you name one other country that reinstates cheats via an amnesty because of a good results in a big event?'[/quote] Most countries don't wait around for good results
Gender and Bridge in 'the Zone'
Sorry Shawn Young and Christopher Monsour. Writing from memory, I exaggerated the extent and improvement-rate of female achievement in STEM subjects. Lior Silberman and Goran Drazic present a more balanced view.

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