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Nigel Guthrie
Nigel Guthrie
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Nov. 8, 2011
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Your preferred defenses vs. 1NT
[quote=Bill Kilmer]Multi-Landy[/quote] Eric Crowhurst published his convention in his seminal [url=]Acol in Competition (1980)[/url] Sometimes, he played 2 to show [b][i]any[/a][/b] 6 card suit
Does BBO favour north-south
In most individual competitions, with 3 robots, the dealing program automatically selects the best hand for South (the human).
The Greatest Play
Another relevant deal in Pelyush Jain's blog
lebensohl over reverses
IMO, [b][i]genuine Lebensohl[/i][/b] is a good conventional choice after a 2-level reverse, because it's simple, consistent, memorable, and it caters for misfits. For example ... Opener x x x - A K x x A K Q x x x Responder J ...
Lead Problem. Are Simulations Believable?
IMO[list] [*] David Bird and Taf Anthias make a significant contribution the theory of defence at Bridge. [*] [b][i]Double-dummy[/i][/b] analyses is a practical way to discriminate, statistically, among different leading tactics, in reasonable time. [*] As Mike Hammond and others suggest, however, [b][i]Single-dummy[/i][/b] simulations ...
Searching for a Hand
Deleted an attempt based on Tom Townsend's solution. Jim Fox published a solution acceptable to Michael Rosenberg, below.
Searching for a Hand
Oren Kriegel's deal: West leads K against South's 6. Perhaps West should ruff the 4th round of with A and try to cash Q, in case South has, for example ... ♠ 1098xx ♥ 987xxx ♦ – ♣ QJ ♠ AJ ♥ KQJ102 ♦ AKQJ10 ♣ A
Does anyone know how to import a convention card from Bridgewinners to BB0?
To create a new card in BBO v3 (The new HTML version): [list=1] [*] Log in. [*] Click [b][i]Account[/i][/b]. [*] Click [b][i]Convention Cards[/i][/b]. [*] Click [b][i]New ACBL Convention Card[/i][/b]. [*] Enter [b][i]Partner[/i][/b]. [*] Enter [b][i]System details[/i ...
Detaching cards as defender
[quote=Mike Bell] ,,, thinking with a card out gives the same information as thinking without a card out - specifically, that you're not sure which card to play to this trick.[/quote] IMO, Andy Bowles's first comment detailed the legal position. The player's hesitation indicates he has a ...
Olympic Champ Sun Yang Banned 8 Years
NBOs rarely attempt to penalize cheating by top-players, so Rammohan Sarangan is right that they might try to tackle law-breaking at club-level, which sometimes seems to be deliberate. Anyway, it would foster better behaviour and most ordinary players would enjoy a cleaner game. Over the past 50 years, the WBF ...

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