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Nigel Guthrie
Nigel Guthrie
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Nov. 8, 2011
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ACBL and psyching 1N. Again?
[quote=Ray Yuenger]It doesn't need to qualify as a frequent psych to become a partnership understanding. [/quote] Unfortunately, some partnerships deem infrequent calls, about which they have [b][i]illegal understandings[/i][/b], to be [b][i]psyches[/i][/b].
On Bridge Journalism
[quote=Jonathan Steinberg]In one of your posts you stated you gave SOME names to the ACBL & WBF (but not all) and never charged for it. But in the same post you said you can't give away your services for free. Which is it? I've been told by ...
On Bridge Journalism
[quote=Boye Brogeland]There are greyer cheating areas, though - like fouling a bad board, scooping a hand (or a score card), deliberately entering the wrong score, blatant use of UI, gamesmanship and more - which affect bridge more than collusive cheating.[/quote] [quote=Gary Hahn] Do not allow high profile players ...
On Bridge Journalism
[quote=Nocolas Hammond] No details. Person(s) involved sucked it up. Moved on. Doesn't complain. Doesn't want to get involved in these types of discussions.[/quote] The ACBL seems to be overly sympathetic. [quote=Nocolas Hammond] Case 2 was complicated for ACBL and all involved. At least one ...
On Bridge Journalism
Nicolas, suppose that you program 2 Bots, in partnershp, so that they sometimes share a bit of information (e.g. that they are good for their last call/play). Assume that, in other respects, their skill-levels remain unchanged. Then, surely, your tests would quickly flag up the cheaters. For example ...
On Bridge Journalism
[quote=Nicolas Hammond] There were some serious personal repercussions, though little known, for some of those in case 2; for example, inability to represent the US in world events for a period of time. I know of at least one player affected.[/quote] Thank you Details would be welcome. Worrying ...
On Bridge Journalism
2 relatively minor incidents, discussed on BridgeWinners, illustrate cause for concern about recent reactions by an organisation to its top-player infractions. [b][i]Case 1.[/i][/b] Allegedly, about 5 years ago, playing a Swiss-match board, a declarer was defeated in 5. Then he found a card on the ...
On Bridge Journalism
The ACBL messed up negotiations with Nicolas Hammond about the Bridge-scoring program. An expensive disaster for both sides. The ACBL, EBL, WBF, etc.. should be able to use that experience in enlisting Nicolas's help to find and prosecute suspected cheats. So why do they ignore his offer? Avon Wilsmore ...
On Bridge Journalism
Presumably, this straw-man army hopes to revive the controversy about ACBL failure to negotiate source-code access to Nicolas's Bridge-scoring program. Richard Willey allays some relevant fears .. [quote=Richard Willey]And, for anyone who cares about the methodology, he published an entire book on the subject[/quote]
An Argument for Attitude
[quote=Mike Nelson] ... And I think that a proposed change in regulation you are suggesting is a reasonable one, but to impugn the ethics of all players who would prefer to retain the existing reg (in those RA's that still allow it) seems rather excessive ...[/quote] That would be ...

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