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The Talk That Never Was: The Blue Team Rule
Kerry Kappell cites this hand 1961 Bermunda Bowl Final #5 E/W ♠ 8542 ♥ QJ64 ♦ K3 ♣ A105 Pass (Pass) 1♣ (1♠) ? Kerry comments "Negative double perhaps? Nah, 2♥, partner will have support for you! Just a bad bid? Sure, just another bad bid by the championship team year after year. Sure ...
Stuff about appeals that some people may find boring
Assuming crude facts as in the OP and the deal is as Dave Beer suggests, IMO - The director should adjust to 4S= or a mixture or 3S+1 and 4S=. - An appeal should result in an appeal without merit warning.
Do What Is Possible, Not What Is Easy
It would be wonderful to set up an international body to implement John Adam's proposal. If you could do so, it should replace the WBF bureaucracy, to run all international competition, cheaply and efficiently. Unfortunately, it would require leadership and international co-operation on an unprecedented scale. The alternative of ...
Do What Is Possible, Not What Is Easy
Great stuff by Steve Weinstein and Brad Moss. IMO... The likely legal impediment is that the cheats' team-mates would be reluctant to vacate relevant titles, especially retroactively. Before they teamed up with the cheats, team-mates probably had their suspicions. Cheats seem to get team-mates and sponsors, easily, even after conviction ...
Statement from Jimmy Cayne
Kit Woolsey wrote "My conclusion was that the chances that an honest pair would achieve the results they had on the relevant hands was about 1 in 6000. That says absolutely nothing about the odds that they were cheating." Please elucidate Carl Hudecek does an excellent and vital job as ...
mice against cheaters
Good ideas, Marek Capinski and Gonzalo Goded. Would OCR or linear/matrix barcodes be a cheaper alternative to RFID?
MP's motives when he broke the law (several times) are a matter of speculation. When his opponents confronted him with the consequences of his actions, however, he still failed to report his transgressions to the director. Just as importantly, Gary Hann drew attention to the reaction of MP's ...
The Talk That Never Was: The Blue Team Rule
66% of BW pollees are convinced that the Blue-team cheated. A belated official investigation of Avon's allegations might not convict or clear the Blue-team but it could establish a few facts (e.g. a transcript of the Burgay tapes) and help us to ...
The Talk That Never Was: The Blue Team Rule
Gary Hann writes 'the hearing date for the Germans was the next time a suitable panel was in one place, and it further appeared that "no available date" (eyes rolling) was suitable for the German Doctors . . ' AFAIR: The WBF panel summoned the DBV to appear at the date of the ...
The Talk That Never Was: The Blue Team Rule
Avon put a lot of work into his investigation. Giorgio Casinovi and others have faulted some of Avon's claims, in spite of which, most seem to agree with Avon's horrific conclusions, although a few remain unconvinced. What should happen now? What Avon has dug up must not be ...

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