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Nigel Guthrie
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Nov. 8, 2011
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Puzzled by Evening Swiss Ruling in San Francisco
4 Seems to be a [b][i]slip of the mind[/i][/b] rather than a [b][i]slip of the hand[/i][/b]. Like similar laws, this law is unnecessary and should be scrapped. It handicaps those who fess up to [b][i]mechanical errors[/i][/b]
A disclosure story from SF
"Standard", "Normal", "Just Bridge", "General Bridge Knowledge", and other examples of prevarication, obfuscation, and dissimulation should be banned.
Bad Claim Case from San Francisco
[quote="Jean Baptiste Fantun"]my teammates who were verbally attacked by an angry declarer who repeatedly said that "they should be ashamed of winning a board in such a way".[/quote] Merits a disciplinary penalty on top of the AWMW.
Convention Cards in NABC+ events
Even with screens, you need preview of opponents' convention-card, so that you can agree counter-measures with partner.
Convention Cards in NABC+ events
Agree with Debbie. IMO [list][*]Foreigners and strangers are more likely to be ignorant of local treatments and employ unfamiliar methods. Hence it's just common sense for RAs to stipulate an [i][b]International standard format[/b][/i], like the WBF card. [*]For most common systems (2/1, Short ...
Bad Claim Case from San Francisco
IMO, the director should normally insist that the claimer adhere to his statement (cashing a heart, 3 spades, 6 diamonds, and leading a heart, to concede the last 3 tricks. Hence the director should rule 6N-2 and impose an AWM penalty.
SF Online Robot NABC Event - Day 2
Thanks again.
SF Online Robot NABC Event - Day 1
Thank you, Michael Bodell, for a fascinating and instructive article -- unlucky not to score better. Micheal seems to have recorded the cards in his own hand and dummy; then recorded the auction and play (call by call, and card by card, explaining his reasoning at every step). A secretary bird ...
Voting for new KBA name
Of the given options, I prefer 'Bridge -- a Mind Sport for All' Better still might be 'Bridge - Partnership Brain Game.' or, influenced by Sam's later comments ... '[b][i]Bridge - Partnership Brain Sport'[/i][/b]. IMO, what makes Bridge [b][i]sociologically[/i][/b] interesting is [b][i]partnership co-operation ...
A Bart Bramley Story
Belated Congratulations, Michael Rosenberg, Bart Bramley, Eric Rodwell, Cezary Balicki -- and of course -- Pietro Bernasconi! I took an hour to solve the problem, posted above (Thank you, Michael Xu!)) -- although I enjoy composing and trying to solve exotic single-dummy problems.

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