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Nigel Kearney
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Oct. 2, 2010
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about me

Live in Wellington, New Zealand. Don't play much bridge these days due to work and family commitments. In the past have represented NZ several times including a silver medal in the 1995 Junior World Championships in Bali. 

New Zealand

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Using 2/1 as a Convention
It's confusing to call this '2 over 1'. I'd suggest finding a different name for it. Also, please give examples showing how this works better than standard 2/1.
Responding after 1 suit - "X" with 10+ points
For any non-expert pair I would recommend bidding the same as you would without the double, and use redouble for hands with values and no obvious call - either penalty seeking or maybe three card support. A good expert method is to use transfers. The one thing I would never do ...
Your call
Anything but pass in scenario 2 is a very obvious infraction and probably in procedural penalty territory.
Unusual NT or Not
People are too precious about having a perfect hand for it. 5-5 is quite powerful when partner has a fit for one suit and isn't particularly strong. The vulnerability is in our favour and it doesn't take much for a sacrifice to pay off, especially at matchpoints. The ...
New suit rebid by opener
Responder is going to bid 2 on a very wide range of hand strength, something like 3-10. Opener is then going to have to guess whether to move. There is no getting away from that really.
You get to borrow a king (or at least a queen) in the passout seat. That means East's pass was too timid. West's decision is closer.
A third simple survey around the penalty versus responsive double theme
If minimum it is both minors. But we can also double on good hands with four hearts and remove partner's 3m to 3 forcing.
YBTJ Missed Slam
It depends on agreements. If splinters are unlimited, North should splinter. If cue bidding agreements are to always bid the cheapest control, North is entitled to play South for QJx QJxxx KQJx x because nothing else is possible. However I think the discussion after the hand shows that their agreements ...
Too Conservative or just Unlucky?—ATB?
Queens are not aces. The way I learned this is not seven losers. You add half a loser for each queen and subtract half a loser for each ace. So seven and a half losers which is a marginal game bid at best and partner opened NV in third at ...
For the Throat
I don't mind it in first or third, but not second. In second you want a more classical weak two, not necessarily stronger than usual, but a more predictable hand type. Also, if West is supposed to invite game with that hand, he will be getting a minus at ...
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