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Nikolay Yaninski
Nikolay Yaninski
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May 1, 2013
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What Do You Play at First Trick?
West is a World-class Bulgarian player.
Monaco Decline 2014 EBL Gold Medal!
"totally ludicrous outcome" is probably the least which can be said about this decision. "both Monaco and Poland have decided not to accept their revised medal positions" -> and this is the total paradox. If a person doesn't know what is going on, he might even decide that Monaco and ...
Nikolay Yaninski's bidding problem: x Ax Jx KJ98xxxx
2 is 5+ 4+M or 6+ 11-15. Thought that it is irrelevant because of that we have 8 cards in , therefore definitely we can't excract information through it. 1M is 5+ cards so if we open 1 it is with 6th diamond and ...
Nikolay Yaninski's bidding problem: x Ax Jx KJ98xxxx
Precision Club Context, 1NT Opening 14-16
Retry.... ATB bad slam
By not bidding 3NT with East's hand the chances of a new topic "ATB missed game" are getting larger. Definitely West is responsible for the making of this topic.
Jyri Tamminen's bidding problem: A42 A32 KQJT KQ2
If we assume that 10 pairs play 7NT, 9 pairs play 7 and 20 pairs play something else, then for 7di we get 49 MPs out of 78 if 7NT makes and 69 out of 78 if it doesn't. If we bid 7NT and it doesn't make ...
Nikolay Yaninski's bidding problem: x xx AQxxx KT8xx
Pick a minor
An Amusing Hand to Remember
Yes, I made both mistakes, thanks for pointing them out.
Nikolay Yaninski's bidding problem: K854 KJT7 --- AT765
I didn't post follow ups because we are a new pair. I am open to suggestions towards what is best and what you play.
Bridge Winners You Hold App Released
I don't understand how to log in through Facebook. Can anybody give explanation?

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