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Nikos Stamatiou
Nikos Stamatiou
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Jan. 11, 2014
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55 minutes ago
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Bridge Player
about me

born 21-9-1962... Physiotherapist... well, and bridge teacher and director

obsessed with ethics, the today's fashion of unethical play has caused me many times to stop playing

my most beloved pair in the world: Meckwell


Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
July 1986, juniors european chp: making 5D doubled when I had 6 tricks on good def (youngs tend to overbid grossly) the board was on the bulletin as a horror storry
Regular Bridge Partners
I play very rarelly, cause working with bridge
Favorite Conventions
cbs,drury,wolf,walsh,over 2NT:3S xfer to 3NT and 3NT xfer to 4C,4xfers... and many more (I HATE bergen)
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Brad Rind's bidding problem: AT96532 3 T7 T32
I would like to bid both grands. However, I probably dislike 2 a bit more, since it more or less shows that you also were going to vote for 7. Your hand can't be good enough to bid 2 and having a 7 card suit, not ...
Kyle Rockoff's bidding problem: 65 AQJT82 A AK98
What would double instead of 2NT be? Does either of these 2 bids say something specific for the length of s or s in partner's hand? I am not risking it anyway, though I've always played 2NT as natural, so have no feel about it.
Stephen Merriman's bidding problem: 76532 3 KQT95 T6
That's not the only bad thing I see, though it's true. If partner super accepts in I am bidding game happily. If partner super accepts in I have no idea what to do and where to go.
Andreas Babsch's bidding problem: Q K975 9764 KQ64
Change this Q to any red Q and ask me again...
Phil Clayton's bidding problem: KJ83 AKQJ 3 A963
Shawn, how much wait do you expect your KJ of to carry at a contract?
Jack Spear's lead problem: QT964 A82 AJ2 K9
9 Years ago, I had a student in the age of 85, that when he did not lead and ace, he did not have one. This hand would be a piece of cake for him, he would already know what was his card to play at the second trick.
Donald Lurie's bidding problem: Q432 KQ K3 AKQ86
All options (including 2) are flawed and possible. I like best the given 2, and least the double, because the auction may get out of hand fast. Doubling with few cards in the other major is dangerous, though we do it sometimes. Doubling and bidding NT is not ...
Alex Hydes's bidding problem: K4 AKQJT642 8 54
"I don't understand what P's bid is" Neither does he. Though I might have a clue: he's 6-6 in the minors, and asks someone that has an 8-card suit to pick his longest minor so as to play for just one trick more.
David Parsons's bidding problem: J86 7 QT652 J753
Are you implying that 862,7,Q10652,J753 should redouble to show the bust, but this hand should not?
David Parsons's bidding problem: J86 7 QT652 J753
When you pass, you tell partner: "we have game, at least" . When I look at this hand the only thing I think I have is fever. Are you implying that 862,7,Q10652,J753 should redouble to show the bust, but this hand should not?

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