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Nikos Stamatiou
Nikos Stamatiou
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Jan. 11, 2014
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about me

born 21-9-1962... Physiotherapist... well, and bridge teacher and director

obsessed with ethics, the today's fashion of unethical play has caused me many times to stop playing

my most beloved pair in the world: Meckwell


Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
July 1986, juniors european chp: making 5D doubled when I had 6 tricks on good def (youngs tend to overbid grossly) the board was on the bulletin as a horror storry
Regular Bridge Partners
I play very rarelly, cause working with bridge
Favorite Conventions
cbs,drury,wolf,walsh,over 2NT:3S xfer to 3NT and 3NT xfer to 4C,4xfers... and many more (I HATE bergen)
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What do you say if anything?
If the opening were at 1st or 2nd seat I would have chosen the 3d option. As it is, the 3d seat opening is enough reason for 3 to be terrible.
4th suit?
1 can be passed, though it's not likely. Partner can not make a game forcing bid after one that was not even forcing.
Steven Mcgrahan's bidding problem: 862 Q9876 9543 T
I play this particular overcall as a serious bid. Serious as a hand and serious as a suit. The double suggests that opener's are not very long, and the pass by responder suggests that his length in is minimal. This leaves partner with a good number of ...
Jeff Ford's bidding problem: 97653 J4 A63 AK5
It didn't occur to me that passing was an option at previous polls. Nevertheless, if I did pass, I did so to pass now, why else?
Martin Lindfors's bidding problem: KQ9874 KQT7 K KJ
Does anyone really believe that partner would show a minimum with 3 Aces?
Bernie Greenspan's bidding problem: AKJT8532 KQ 63 8
This hand is a lot closer to 2 opening than 4. Seams also that partner lives at the same neighborhood, what did he expect us to have for a 4 opening?
Absolutely agree with Frances. However, if there is no agreement, it looks to me (even though I'm a great supporter of penalty doubles) that logic dictates this double as take out: E cannot have 5 s since did not transfer; with 4 of them, they have to be really ...
Louis Beauchet's bidding problem: AKQ5 --- AK7642 A42
Even if you don't have the agreement (which agreement I do not have btw), doesn't it tend to show support anyway? What would you bid as responder, with an ok hand, but no slam interest and 5+ ?
Whats the Best Line—-Allendale Tales #2
Irrespective of the play problem, I feel that if you bid 4NT with the S hand, you deserve your results.
Pete Marvin's bidding problem: AQT8 96 9 KJ9854
Just press the 2, this will change your bid.

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