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May 8, 2012
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1NT forcing
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One Major - 2NT (Modified Jacoby) Queries
You can read the article Bidding Lab : 2NT swedish style In the Bridge Bulletin of July 2005.
Mathematically, when should you make a game try (and which one)?
My opinion is : You can think about the losing trick count When the bids start 1. 2 The partner has 8or9 LTC (with 10 LTC m’y bid would be 1NT forcing) You can make a game try if You have 6 LTC and bid a game with ...
How to reach 6!d after a silly interference
I prefer 4C too because East can bid 4D to show his king.
2 ♣ Multi
And our answers are 2 waiting bid 2 weak with 5+ and singleton 2 5-5 minors 2NT FG 3 or 3 naturel forcing 3 or 3 Pass or correct
2 ♣ Multi
I play 2 multi with one partner
Need advice on transfer over X of 1M
In the old book of Mike Lawrence « the complete guide of contested auctions «  you can find some pages about this convention, and when the opener should not rebid the transferred suit, from Mike Lawrence.
Your preferred defenses vs. 1NT
I didn't know Lionel but I think Lionel is the best convention because - You can bid immediatly spades when you have - You can bid immediatly hearts when you have It is very usefull when the advancer want to bid a preempt.
How to lose in a World Championship
We don't know : if the declarer plays a small card immediatly after the lead, East can have a BIT - or a small hésitation - before playing his card, i think.
Opener's jump rebid of 3NT after a game forcing 2/1 response
I préfer 18-19 with 2 cards in the minor If i bid 4NT later, i have 3 cards in the responder's minor If i bid 4min later, i have 4 cards... 3NT is very precise for me.
Analysis and Visualization - 54th EBTC
This is an analysis of the résults : If we look at the results of the 8 teams qualified, only each team with the 7 other teams, the results are ( and the best european team for the BBowl ?? ) Israël 97 VP Monaco 91 VP Etc... Norway is 6 with only 58 ...
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