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Sept. 26, 2016
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T- Shirt ideas(bridge)
love the idea! Played Turkey with the kids and we had Hot Fuzz (favourite film) t - shirts made for the event. It made it even more fun and provoked discussion and made many new friends. Way to go!
"The past is a foreign country; they do things differently there."
You are right, things were different then. I played as a callow youth at the Acol Bridge Club in London 50 years ago. I had few doubts about my own ability and none about the ability of the opponents. I cut an old buffer, dressed in full dinner attire, who ...
Reese’s Pieces
Read an article by Richard Fleet from the June 2015 Bridge magazine, where he opines that the British team were of the opinion that R+S were cheating but that Truscot was economical with the truth in his zealous pursuit of them. From an earlier time He tells of Leventritt ...
Reese’s Pieces
Hmm! I do not know if Avon is being particularly dense here or has not read my posts accurately. I believe that he already knows my views on Reese and Shapiro and whether they cheated or not and that is not what I was commenting on here. My point, again ...
Reese’s Pieces
So it is.
Reese’s Pieces
Why? I don't remember him being around at the time, and for that matter neither were you. I was.
Reese’s Pieces
If you have a point to make, then make it. Being on an editorial board means that you are on an editorial board, it is not an assurance that you can comment with authority on things that you have no experience of. In this case, psyching in the 60,s ...
Reese’s Pieces
If one takes Mr Wilsmore'scomment literally, then perhaps Mr Kleinman needs to get out a little more.
How many Countries can you represent in your life?
How to avoid the issues in three easy lessons! Social? Men behave badly? Women are Saints? This is 2019, Me too and the age of equality have dawned and I have to listen to this? Retrograde or what?
How many Countries can you represent in your life?
I do not really understand Mr. Ravera's conclusion. Is he arguing that as men and women are only physically and not intellectually different , they should all play under the same gender banner - why not indeed? - or that it is OK for there to be men's bridge where women ...

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