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Sept. 26, 2016
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What is the difference?
Many thanks Michael, that is clearer now. In the inverted sequence, I was the felon. It was a new piece of kit and I just did not remember. My fault. In the other sequence, the player concerned had been recently been playing a different method with a different partner in ...
What is the difference?
Wow, neither player had, a, "History" of foretting conventions, both were regarded as International class players, both are regarded as very ethical. I must admit that I find these questions quite surprising and far grom the point of my post. But if that floats your boat,,,.
What is the difference?
Ok, I cannot be clearer, I did not realise that this was such an abstruse situation. I still dont so I shall live, at one, with my ignorance and the newly found appreciation of how simple things can be made so complicated if enough effort is made.
What is the difference?
I may be a strange and wonderful person but I tend to ask questions to find out what the answer is. IF i knew the answer, I would not ask the question!
What is the difference?
Ok, I thought that I had made this clear, but lets try again, In both instances one player missbid, in both instances the partner gave the correct systemic explaination. In both instances a defender was misled by the explaination and did the wrong thing. Simple? In each instance the director ...
What is the difference?
Sorry Michal? Do you mean misstyping Frances's name? I do not know the answer to my question and I certainly have not the faintest idea what you mean by your post. Please educate me.
What is the difference?
Sorry, Frances, not great keyboarding.
What is the difference?
Totally disagree with you Francis, all that you really need to know is on display.
What is the difference?
That is what I would have thought!
Rare High-Level Decision
I played a rubber against JDR many moons ago where he doubled a five level cue and his partner saved in that suit. John was of course void and the result when his partner saved in the suit is still one of my favourite memories in bridge. People nowadays want ...

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