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Norman Selway
Norman Selway
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Sept. 26, 2016
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Terrible Tempo
like I cared? I thought it was funny at the time, I think that it is funny now. You should try it some time.
Terrible Tempo
I remember when stop cards first came out over here. I opened 3H and LHO passed like a flash. When I asked him why he had not paused, he said, "Why? I had nothing to think about".
The Club's Coffee-Housing
I seem to remember a hand from the British Gold Cup some years ago (DB will correct me if I am wrong), where in a top class match an end position, not unlike the above, was reached. Everybody at the table knew what the problem was so when declarer advanced ...
The Club's Coffee-Housing
No, I am saying that if you do, don't then bleat if you get it wrong.
The Club's Coffee-Housing
If you don't want this problem then start with the 10. You wanted a reaction, you got one, just not the one you wanted. Perhaps you should look at your own ethics before impugning somebody elses?
TD please
To Richard, I think that yours is a sensible approach, if perhaps a little over precise - after all given the range between 2S and 4S you don't have an awful lot of hands (yes there must be some) that one bids 3S on and makes exactly three opposite a ...
TD please
In response to partner's takeout X, I think I wrote.
What Is Partner Showing?
You got into this fix because you did not bid the - in my opinion - normal 2S on this. If I had screwed up my courage to bid 1S on this I certainly would try with 3H now, I should not go off in 3S.
TD please
On a small point about how to respond with weak hands with a long suit to partner's takeout double, I was always taught, and it was uniform amongst the better players of my time, that in a sequence of, for example, 1D - X - P, now 1M could be very ...
TD please
Years ago, a double followed by a single jump in a new suit over partner's reply was forcing for one round. Has this changed nowadays?

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