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Nye Griffiths
Nye Griffiths
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July 2, 2012
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Aug. 27, 2018
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bridge player

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Limited information - defending 1NT
I find it hard to justify why you think Axx is a superior lead to Axxx, Kieran? Seems odd to me - you want to lead the suit which you're most likely to set up a trick in and partner hasn't overcalled 1S over 1H so why would you ...
Boye Brogeland Bridge Personality of the Year 2015
Congrats Boye! Well deserved!
Helping Hand
Great work again, Ish! There is no reason at all for Balicki to touch the dummy on that first hand (#19) - the Israeli player has put his cards out in a way that needs absolutely no readjustment - it's just so unnatural to touch the dummy there. Nobody actually does ...
On the Actions of Administrators
Apologies Julian if I made that sound like an attack - I wasn't insinuating that you thought committees should be the ones to investigate high level cheating. I consider myself very lucky that in Australia (and NSW) we have people like you and the ABF as administrators because I believe ...
On the Actions of Administrators
Julian, I can appreciate your response here and do accept the points you have made, but I must say that I think the problem regarding dealing with cheating is not an "us and them" problem - the problem is that the PROCESS IS FLAWED and that committees SHOULD NOT BE THE ...
Bermuda Bowl Roundtable
Hahahhahahha, Ish you goose. At least Courtney will take that as a compliment :) Good luck getting Wilko to talk to you again.
Bermuda Bowl Round-Robin, Day 1
2D showed 5+ Hearts for us (Australia) after my precision 1D opening so it was an easy defence. (Never trust the vugraph to get things 100% right) ;)
Who Will Win the Bermuda Bowl?
Screw you, Ron Lel :P
Videos added to Bridgecheaters Website
On those hands Ish mentions both times Schwartz takes the tray off and puts the board on the left of the table. The funny thing is on board 27 he actually checks his hand before taking the tray off the table just to be sure what signal to give :)
Videos added to Bridgecheaters Website
They definitely do something with the way they put the board on the table after taking off the tray - it's different every time and quite exaggerated and unnatural on some hands. Some hands they push it through all the way in the centre, sometimes to the left, sometimes to ...

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