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Okan Zabunoglu
Okan Zabunoglu
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March 22, 2013
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about me

I am an academic living in Ankara, Turkey. I started duplicate bridge around 1984 when I was a graduate student at ISU in Ames, Iowa.  (Thanks to the departed Harvey Burkholder, the director of Ames Bridge Club during those years.)

Nowadays, I can only make time for playing in one or two major national team tournaments in my country each year. I also help administrate the web page of my bridge club: (sorry, it is only in Turkish).

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1!D - P - 1!H - 4!S - ?
Thanks a lot for your comments and/or the information you've given.
Test your timing
Recollecting the other articles of Liam Milne; I am still not sure about the catch in this one, and waiting for a conclusive statement from him. Happy new year.
A bidding problem or not?
Thanks for the info about "equal level conversion".
Test your timing
Kit Woolsey: Assuming that West has six s (as implied), I don't think that (s)he can have 2 s and a void. In that case, West would have: JTxxxx xx - AKJxx, and East: Axxx x Kxxxxxxx -. Also, it is not likely that West would have ...
Okan Zabunoglu's bidding problem: 864 AK5 --- KQJ9872
6 is cold because partner's hand, which was the subject of an earlier poll below, is AQx x Q9xxxx Axx. Do you think (s)he should have bid 5 over 4? If passed, what should (s)he do now over 5?
A bidding problem or not?
Thank you all for your valuable and interesting comments. According to the majority view, North underbid; nevertheless, with respect to the minority view, South might have cue-bid with 4 (over 4) or started with a double rather than 3 overcall... I am convinced that our bidding was ...
A bidding problem or not?
I didn't expect that either, and checked the results sheet again to see: 12 times 1430, twice 1660, 22 times 680 and 4 times 620. 4 pairs must have played 5.
A bidding problem or not?
:) To you too.
A bidding problem or not?
:) Your grandma has wise sayings...
A bidding problem or not?
Because both 3 and 4 bids were non-forcing, 4 would be interpreted as an alternative (and probably better) spot at a lower level in a preempted auction, rather than a cue-bid. This partnership had no misunderstanding regarding that, but failed in finding the proper level.

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