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Olivier Collard
Olivier Collard
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Basic Information

Member Since
Sept. 23, 2015
Last Seen
April 15, 2018
Member Type
Bridge Player
about me

Intermediate French player (ranked like 2700th or something Smile)


Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Playing 2 seasons in the National Premier League...drat no, it was at chess!
Bridge Accomplishments
A whole tourney without revoking
Regular Bridge Partners
Georges-Henri "Giorgino" Seurot. I call him Giorgino in the hope he's gonna play like Mr. Duboin. Without success so far...
Favorite Conventions
Forcing NT and tutti quanti (hope Italian words are not deemed offensive nowadays)
ACBL Ranking
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Response to comments of John Vos on "parochialism" of Bridge Winners and the U.S.
Ah David, Chesterton got it wrong. The problem is not that we'll never be English (God forbid!)*, but that you'll ALWAYS be "French". Is Harold the most hated historical figure in England? * Just kidding ;-)
Response to comments of John Vos on "parochialism" of Bridge Winners and the U.S.
Well "ungrateful cheese-eating surrender monkeys", "freedom fries" and all that sort of BS...That's just childish blabbering one can easily get over. But pouring "Grands Crus" down gutters, THAT is UNFORGIVABLE :D
Response to comments of John Vos on "parochialism" of Bridge Winners and the U.S.
Mr. Vos, we're waiting for your sorry, your birth certificate :D
ACBL strikes again!
Make the ACBL (and the Féderation Française de Bridge for that matter!!!!) great again ! :D
World Bridge Games Winners
The Dutch thwarted Darth Vader's plans once more. Well done ☺
Bidding Box "Picker" or "Grabber"
I'm a Grabosaurus Totalus and I love the "schplock" of a high level bid resounding upon the table. Behind screens, of course, I become a Pickonodon vulgaris.
Lotan Fisher Speaks
Haha This guy is to chutzpah what Yoda is to the Force ^^
Cedric Lorenzini Claims 2015 Player of the Year Title
Be careful Cameron, "bien fait" means "you had it coming" ;-) I remember the first time I saw this very serious chubby-cheeked (!) little (!) fellow at our (or rather at his, since he preceded me there) club, some seventeen years ago. Who could have known he'd become a star of such ...
Fibonacci Scoring
Most people are all for equity... At the stock exchange, that is
Zero Tolerance for Bad Behavior?
"You can't jaywalk, we can't carry guns" Yellow card to Mr. Grant for "low blow" :D

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