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Omar Olgeirsson
Omar Olgeirsson
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Basic Information

Member Since
Oct. 20, 2010
Last Seen
June 30
Member Type
Bridge Player

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Winning Icelandic Teams 2010 with a new highscore. And beating seed 4 Strul(Becker, Cohen, Berkowich, Martel, Stansby) in Las Vegas Spingold 2008 in team with Mike Lawrance
Bridge Accomplishments
Winning Icelandic Teams 2010,2011. Icelandic Pairs and butler Pairs 2009. Madeira Teams 2007, Icelandair Open 2006, Uppsala 2006...
Regular Bridge Partners
Ragnar Magnusson now, lot of other good players before
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Reykjavik Bridge Club
Favorite Tournaments
Summer NABC
Favorite Conventions
1NT-5x as inviting baron :)
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Double on bergen/mixed raise
Take out of M
Statement by WBF ( Oct 9, 2015)
Few things to consider: WBF is made from all world bridge players(WBP). Do WBP accept WBF as it is? If YES, then OK. If NO, what are WBP going to do? A) Take over the WBF with players like Boye (President) and other players who love the game. B ...
Who will win the 2014 European Teams Championships Open Series?
Top 6: Monaco, Poland, Iceland, Sweden, Israel, France Next 4: Italy, England, Denmark, Netherlands
In the Well: Larry Cohen
Hi Larry. Have you teach minibridge and what is your opinion on it in general?
Lucky Make, or Biddable Slam?
After 2C-2D-2S with fit responder estimates working cards/tricks: 4S 0-0,5 trick 3S 1 trick 3NT 1,5 trick+ (serious NT) No fit: Start with 2NT or biddable suit Here you have ace and a queen and dobbelton so potential 1,5+ tricks so 3NT it is. The problem ...
Brilliant or Insane?
3NT good bid, sometimes they dont lead a heart even when they could take 7 first tricks, lets say ADJxxxx and his partner has Kx. Or the suit is blocked, or of course often partner has a stopper.
Guanlan Zhao's bidding problem: KQJ9872 62 AKJ2 ---
If you bid 4S you will do the same thing the champion does at the other table, so start with double and try to figure out if slam or not. The downside is that they will have one extra round to explore whats best for them over 4 spades next.
Omar Olgeirsson's lead problem: T876 Q32 7 AT985
Lets say you start with ace of clubs and dummy hits with: 54 A10 9654 K7643 Partner plays 2, and declarer Q. We play udca, what next? Try for ruff or does partner have the ace of spade? Would he play the jack from J2?
The Original Curveball
21 hcp with an ace missing at the beginning can not be the hand since he knows partner has only 8-9 so would just bid 3NT. He must have missorted, at least he has minors, with 5-5 (at least), so I think 6C makes.
Omar Olgeirsson's bidding problem: T9 AJT653 QT63 Q
When the best bidder in the world, Joshua Donn, bids 3H that must be defined as normal :-) The story didn't end well for the 3H bidder (me) when it went pass pass pass and not making when partner had KJxx - K9xxx AG9x but at the other table: 2H-X-P-2NT-3D-P-5D-P-P-X-XX just ...

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