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Oren Kriegel
Oren Kriegel
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Aug. 7, 2010
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30 minutes ago
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Bridge Player
about me

25. UChicago Class of 2016.

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Making the semifinals of the Vanderbilt
Bridge Accomplishments
Top-10 finishes in the Platinum Pairs and Reisinger and semifinals of the Vanderbilt and Open Trials
Regular Bridge Partners
David Grainger, Greg Hinze, Barbara Kasle, Gaylor Kasle, Zachary Madden, Ron Smith
Favorite Conventions
Mixed Raises
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Diamond Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Defend 3NT at IMPs
I don't think partner needs to do anything with respect to the 9. Partner knows we hold the Q (declarer would have won it if he held it), so there isn't a question of squashing a potential 9 in declarer's hand.
Bidding a Singleton Four Times
It's just that I know Aaron (1) is friends with you, (2) likes Kickback, and (3) talks like that.
Bidding a Singleton Four Times
Was it Aaron?
Crowd-Sourcing the Bridge World's March 2020 MSC Contest
Your first sentence might be right, but your second is certainly not.
Bidding a Singleton Four Times
No kidding.
Two-Way Checkback/XYZ Question
I'm not in the business of un-forcing to game, so I would never select 2 as a rebid with the intention that I might pass in some sequences. If that is a bidding priority for you, then we are at an impasse. My argument was not "we should ...
Crowd-Sourcing the Bridge World's March 2020 MSC Contest
I think there's nothing wrong with posting problems on BW. As you point out, they are freely available on TBW's site, including scores and statistics about the panelist and contestant votes. However, I think "crowd-sourcing" should not be used to generate your own answers to the contest. While ...
Two-Way Checkback/XYZ Question
What makes something SI? Something like: KQJx x AQxxx xxx produces a trivial slam opposite: Ax xxxx KJxx Axx but it wouldn't occur to you or me that we have 4NT safety. The "non-gadget" auction would be something like 1 ...
Bidding a Singleton Four Times
Not quite the same thing, but I once saw partner, as responder, bid: 1 - 1 2 - 2 2NT - 3 3NT - Pass all ostensibly natural. Where I come from, bidding three suits tends to show shortness in the fourth. Not so for my partner--he was 3 ...
Two-Way Checkback/XYZ Question
The whole point is to show your shortness below 3NT so you can play that contract or not. Your suggested scheme takes us above 3NT after the 3 rebid and relay out. My scheme may not be optimal, but it is consistent with the general "balanced, low-(middle-)high ...

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