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Oren Kriegel
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Aug. 7, 2010
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7 minutes ago
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about me

24. UChicago Class of 2016.

United States of America

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Favorite Bridge Memory
Making the semifinals of the Vanderbilt
Bridge Accomplishments
Top-10 finishes in the Platinum Pairs and Reisinger; Gold and Silver WBF Under-21 medals
Regular Bridge Partners
David Grainger, Greg Hinze, Barbara Kasle, Gaylor Kasle, Zachary Madden, Ron Smith
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Mixed Raises
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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Poll Regarding Drop-Ins from Soloway to Blues
And I answered in the other thread (though perhaps not you): There's no inherent reason why not, but even trying to get any drop-ins at all is like pulling teeth, so one step at a time.
Drop ins to the Blue Ribbons
Some seniors don't want to play against younger players. I think that's a misguided view but I accept it. I don't want to end senior events, as long as having senior stuff on a schedule isn't interfering with me being allowed to enter open events. People ...
Two from the Buffett Cup
I just woke up but can't West just cash his clubs and play a spade to East's queen for a heart through? I didn't say you might not make it on that layout but I don't think you're cold by following the same plan.
Poll Regarding Drop-Ins from Soloway to Blues
Which people didn't like it? The BRP players or the lookers on?
Poll Regarding Drop-Ins from Soloway to Blues
Excellent poll, Debbie. Sorting votes on this issue by how likely voters are to be affected by the policy is very useful. Plus, it's easier to cast a vote than to comment on a 200+ comment thread, so hopefully a broader audience can weigh in here.
Two from the Buffett Cup
At our table, the opening bid was strong and artificial. Not sure about auctions at other tables. Bart and Kit didn't say what the auction at their table was.
Drop ins to the Blue Ribbons
Uh, no? I might consider it a "fun and exciting time" to enter the women's board-a-match or the senior pairs, but my entry is sadly prohibited from those events. It's not inherently mean-spirited to run events that have qualifications for entry. If a pair lacking a BRP qualification ...
Drop ins to the Blue Ribbons
The problem is obviously not winning masterpoints from two events that are running simultaneously. That would preclude any player who loses on day one of the Spingold from winning points for the rest of the week or a round-one loser of a knockout from winning points that evening or the ...
Buffett Cup 2019 Scoring
Some of that is based on slow-play penalties, which so far have been assessed against both pairs at the offending tables, affecting those pairs' scores but not their teammates'. Our first half scores for today were something like 58-58-51-50 as a team because one of penalties.
2019 Buffett Cup
The scoring is somewhat opaque even for the participants.

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