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Oren Kriegel
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Aug. 7, 2010
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9 hours ago
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23. UChicago Class of 2016.

United States of America

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Making day three of the Reisinger
Bridge Accomplishments
Top-10 finishes in the Platinum Pairs and Reisinger; Gold and Silver WBF Under-21 medals
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David Grainger, Greg Hinze, Barbara Kasle, Gaylor Kasle, Zachary Madden, Ron Smith
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Would you roll this back?
(1) might be a useful question, but it's tainted by the fact that at this point South knows North thinks the double shows 5-7, so it's in his interest to agree with that, or at least hedge. (2) is certainly useful, but you should not tell the pollees ...
Would you roll this back?
Probably they are, but it would likely have a specialized meaning. My point is not that Grue-Moss would have this auction, but that an average player might not know what standard bidding theory is, particularly about Precision or other strong-club systems. My example meant to show that someone with "the ...
Would you roll this back?
Exactly, Max. If you poll (who I imagine to be, based on the information in this thread) South's peers and confront them with an undiscussed auction to 3NT, a significant number will pass because that's what they do when partner bids 3NT in undiscussed auctions. Far fewer of ...
Would you roll this back?
Sure, but North-South are probably not experts, and plenty of non-experts think jumps in notrump show minimum hands in game-forcing auctions. If this South player (or his peers) are that type of player, then that's how the director should rule. You could ask if they have an agreement, but ...
Would you roll this back?
Sure, if that was South's mindset, then the jump to 3NT would show extra values, which is AI. However: a) we don't know that was South's mindset b) North's explanation gives South a lock that North has extra values If South thought the double was a ...
Would you roll this back?
Oh, I don't know, you could have watched a top pair playing Precision--Grue-Moss, for instance--and seen their double here guarantee a game-forcing hand and "guess" that that's what a double shows in "standard" Precision.
Would you roll this back?
"Surely, a double will promise at least a 5-count." Yes, but [i]surely[/i] there are other agreements you could play about the minimum for a double. A leap to 3NT facing what might be a 5-count is much different than a leap to 3NT facing a minimum that puts ...
Would you roll this back?
Well, some players have the misguided idea that jumps to 3NT in forcing auctions show minimum hands. If North and/or South belong to this group, then there is a case for enforcing a pass on South [i]if[/i] South thinks his double shows a game-force. I agree with ...
Multi went for -1100. Worst bid?
I was South. Ben and I had no agreements other than hastily agreeing to play option 2 when we realized our opponents were playing Multi. (You can see us floundering over Multi a few boards before. It was nice to be able to get even so quickly.) I did have ...
Interesting Board #3 of final 8 teams 1st segment.
I spoke to Steve about this hand after the session. He admits that he might have played it wrong, but he thinks the difference between the two possible lines is minuscule. He estimated a 1% difference between the two lines.

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