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Owen Byer
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Dec. 24, 2010
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May 6
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Leah Shao, Brad Lehman, Paul Mott, Bill Sharp, Betsy Ruehl
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The Vacant Spaces Trap
Nice article, Phillip. As for the Monte Hall Problem, I have never understood the fuss, once you assume Monte is always going to show the door of a nonprize. If you (always) switch, you are guaranteed to win as long as there was not a prize behind your original door ...
A Hazy Shade of Winter
Great stuff, Max. You are inspiring.
Unscientific ACBL Membership Poll
Almost everyone I know who plays miniature golf does it for the social activity -- a reason to get together with friends. They try their hardest while playing, and they like to win, but they don't really care if they get better. They certainly would look at me quite funny ...
Owen Byer's bidding problem: KT3 Q 6432 AK762
Good point about having Jxxx of diamonds, because this makes a dummy reversal a possibility. At the table, I only bid 6S, but when partner pulled that to 6NT, I woke up, and I bid 7D. (Partner actually did hold AKQJ of diamonds.)
Owen Byer's bidding problem: KT3 Q 6432 AK762
I am surprised to not see any 7D bids, though. I agree that a grand is a good bet, but I thought it would be worthwhile bidding 7D, to give partner a choice. If spades split, then either grand should make, as long as we have no diamond losers. If ...
Can't Take a Finesse
I listened through the entire podcast where you discussed the first hand, and long enough to learn about your offer for a free play!
Mean .vs. Geomean
The geometric mean can drastically be affected by a low outlier. For example, if Meckstroth (with 73K points) partners individuals with 0, 1, 9, and 100 points, respectively, the geometric means of the four paired partnerships would be 0, 270, 810, and 2700, respectively. In general, I think the geometric ...
Owen Byer's bidding problem: 92 --- AQT7652 AQT7
At the table, I bid 6D, realizing it was a wild guess, but thinking that we were likely headed to a poor result if I did something too passive, which I thought included 5D. My LHO bid 6H holding six hearts, a spade void, and nothing else. My partner then ...
Opening two of a major in 4th seat
Don, do you thus have the understanding that if you open 1S in 4th chair and then rebid 2S, that you show extras?
Play Problem
I guess a simple line is to win the CK in hand. Diamond Ace, ruff a diamond. Spade Ace and King. Heart Ace and King, pitching a diamond from hand, and then ruff a heart back to hand. Draw trump with Queen. If nothing good has happened in hearts or ...

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