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Owen Lien
Owen Lien
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June 20, 2010
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20 hours ago
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Bridge Player
United States of America

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Favorite Bridge Memory
3rd in the Blue Ribbon Pairs in 2015
Bridge Accomplishments
5000 mini spingold champ; 3rd in BRP 2015; 1st in 0-10K swiss 2016
Regular Bridge Partners
Zach Brescoll, Zach Wasserman
Member of Bridge Club(s)
The Bridge Connection - Southfield, MI
Favorite Tournaments
Atlanta Labor Day Regional, Charleston/Myrtle Beach Christmas Regional
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Emerald Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Owen Lien's bidding problem: Kx ATxx x AKQTxx
I like natural
Owen Lien's bidding problem: Kx ATxx x AKQTxx
3 by responder would’ve been NF. It’s basically natural bidding (2 = 5+, F1; 4th suit GF; etc) and 2NT is “NAT” F1 (basically GF unless O re-bids 3♣)
1N - 3m
In response to 1NT, I like to play: 3♣ = GF with one of: 4=1=4=4 / (31)(54) / 2=2=(54) [the last with mild+ S/I] 3♦ = a) INV, 6+M, or ...........b) S/I 6+♥ no SPL 3♥ = GF 4441*♠ 3♠ = GF 5+/5+ minors Opener re-bids ...
Cue bid over a pre empt.
I was taught, and continue to play, that in (non) Leaping Michaels situations that: 4NT is both minors and is based upon shape (i.e. x x AQxxx(x) KQxxx(x) while 4M (the 4-level cue-bid) is “real” (i.e. maximum of 3.5 losers, such as x Kx AKQxx ...
How should the director rule
But why would East repeat the same message if he meant 3 as lead-directional with a fit. How would east bid with say QJxxx(x) QJTxxxx (x) —?
The Road to Columbus begins Saturday, June 1, 2019
You can qualify at any club and then play in the finals of the district in which you are registered. I have done so myself.
What is the best treatment for 2NT?
I voted “scrambling” but now I’m in doubt. Thinking about it, that really only caters to 1=3=3=6, unless you regularly overcall 2m on 5m(332). Based on that, I think that 2N should be natural even though it breaks my rule that 2N is not natural ...
Unfortunate Result
I vote for 5
If a player is forced to pass, does that mean that they accept an insufficient bid?
Also, the director was correct that the partner of the person who made an illegal X is barred from the auction and, since you ended up as declarer, there should have been lead restrictions (I.e. you could have forbidden the lead of any suit not named by during the ...
If a player is forced to pass, does that mean that they accept an insufficient bid?
Actually, I don’t believe that a player that is required to pass is permitted to inquire as to the meanings of the opponents bids while the auction is still live since it cannot possibly affect what call they take.

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