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Eric Hamilton's bidding problem: J2 A63 AQT87 QT3
Does 2NT excludes a 4c M? Yes: opener ought to have 5c => 3 No: partnership needs some ways of finding the 4-4 M fit concurrently with 53 m fit on the basis that 3 am show 6c suit. Depends also if playing IMR with 4 good cards ...
The Best Bridge Writer
Reminding an above comment Vincent Labbé: "Ne plus jamais chuter la manche à la couleur" "Ne plus jamais chuter 3SA" "Ne plus jamais chuter de chelem" i.e. "Never again go down in... ...suit game contract" ...3NT" ...slam" and "Secret defense" "100 pièges pour un déclarant" i.e.""100 traps ...
Jim Houghton's bidding problem: AQJx xx KJx xxxx
This hand is in accordance qith "Pearson's rule" . Has tolerance if partner were responding 2 or 2. Gives a good lead.
Jim Houghton's bidding problem: AQJx xx KJx xxxx
1 is a normal 3rd-4th seat opening even if playing "5 card M"!!!
Jim Houghton's bidding problem: AQJx xx KJx xxxx
Jim Rasmussen's bidding problem: KQJ832 Q5 43 K64
Am 3 sets a FP situation. X is discouraging
The Best Bridge Writer
BW 2/1: Serious 3NT => " As a reminder,natural system that intermediate players can play." Do intermediate players really need to play S3NT or NS3NT? They dont even know how to play a reverse or make Q bids. Its an espert or near expert treatment. Before using this ...
Nick Anand's bidding problem: Qx AKQJxx Qx A9x
"None of those are Jacoby auctions. We were asked about 8 card fits, not 9+ fits." 8 card fits ??? You play Acol => OP:"2NT promises 13+ HCP with 4 hearts" I wont discuss as I have so many references(maybe outdated).
Nick Anand's bidding problem: Qx AKQJxx Qx A9x
"do you know anyone that plays 3N as an offer in a J2N structure?" Its not the issue ? Does this partnershiP play 3NT as s or NS? Is 1M 2NT / 3NT an offer or a descrition or S/NS3NT? Is 1M 2NT /3M 3NT as decription or an offer e ...

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