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Patrick Laborde
Patrick Laborde
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March 13, 2013
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Depends on follow-ups
Forcing or Not?
If 1 is not strictly limited he could have bid 2 with more strength, 3 showing same strength as 2 but with 5 cards. Depens on whole system.
Eric Bell's bidding problem: AQJ6 7 KJ6 AJT86
Opener said he has wasted values in :pass
Rafael Sacramento's bidding problem: K96 KT KJT98 984
If partner passes 1 its the best contract.
Rafael Sacramento's bidding problem: K96 KT KJT98 984
RR I always believed that with black 55 opening was a systemic 1 in ACBL-land, specially with minimum values (premtive effect?).I read such 1 opening with any kind of strength so many times in BW posts. Ok with you over 1nt 2 shows, say, 15-17, 3 ...
Rafael Sacramento's bidding problem: K96 KT KJT98 984
To open 1 with black 55, say good 14 to 17 is standard over here. Why dont they think of it a little instead of reacting by habit.
2019 Open European Championships Thread
List of participants here => i.e. top right of BW link
Smith Echo Situation
"I think the answer is NO!" I believe so. The unexpected length applies mostly to tell leader that defense is able to cash if playing from top. The only practical case is when leader has surely only 4c (he led a "deuce") and partner has 5, dummy being doubleton. Leader ...
"Which hands that contain fewer than 4-card ♥ would double 1♠? Feels like we should know this before answering. " The link i gave downthread gives an idea.Thanks Liam Milne.
¤ 1 Did I wrote it ought to be 4c? "supposed" doesnt mean he necessarily has 4c. You are putting words in my mouth. ¤ 2 I can read. I bid [b]as if he has 4c [/b]. And the link says exactly that X could be 3c and I ...

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