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Patrick Laborde
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David Liu's bidding problem: 9 T874 632 AKQ76
DL Your comment means your partnership doesnt have a way to show 5 c in advancers hand. 5? What about LTT? What were the 3 other hands.
Forcing to what?
In french system we dont usually X support with 4333 12H hands but a pleasnt opening 5431 or 5332.Also 63xx less frequently 4432 Hence, Am,2 is - GF - Denies 5c ( 3 inv; 4 arrival) - shows stopper asking for stopper (with the reverse X ...
Andy Caranicas's bidding problem: T9854 J983 AT8 6
Alert chart => Natural call: An opening bid of one club is natural if, by agreement, it may be exactly 4-4-3-2 with two clubs, three diamonds, and four cards in each major. Otherwise: 1. An opening suit bid or response is natural if, by agreement, in a minor it shows three ...
Andy Caranicas's bidding problem: T9854 J983 AT8 6
Schrecklich! A 4-3 two-suiter or a psych? If 3 card is enough as a length, 3-3 is enough for showing both Majors....with 7 cards in other suits.
Barry Plotkin's bidding problem: AKx Ax AKQJxx KQ
"3N bidders, isn't it too risky? If ♦s don't come, we may end up down one" Then would you win 5 or 6 At MP win more Match point than other. If come Im note even sure to win 5 or 6 : 3 ...
Ron Steele's bidding problem: A9 AKT 654 AKQ95
When I accept transfer I have a 3-4c fit if not 3NT. If 4c fit I dont have control (A or K) of all outside suits (4)
Gabriel Carrasco's bidding problem: AKQ54 Q54 Q7 Q72
What does X mean?
Howd Sloan's bidding problem: --- AKQJ9xx A9x Q9x
When playing converntions discuss every follow up with partner? If they dont know how to handle them dont play them. If they didnt set up conditions-parameters for 1M, 1!v vs 4m. Dont play that convention.
Andy Caranicas's bidding problem: T9854 J983 AT8 6
What does both majors mean? Specifically 44? 44 or 54? Any Majors 2 suiter (64? 76? LOL)?
Símun Lassaberg's bidding problem: 73 T9432 9 AQ954
So do I

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