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My website, with assorted bridge-related software

United Kingdom

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Who should have bid more?
The methods seem poor. 3 should be better defined. 4 should show diamond (and spade) control - you don't need "last train" when the range is closely defined already. East should be able to show shortages specifically.
No IMPs at stake - the solution
Feel free to assume that the contract is 4 doubled if that helps. Playing for $1000 a point.
How Bad Is This Line of Play?
If you start with five rounds of trumps, you can still take the club finesse if you want, but it's quite likely that opponents will have revealed their shapes, North discarding three hearts and a club. Then you can ruff out the clubs and play a diamond to the ...
Undos in the Reynolds KOs
In my opinion you should not request an undo because you've changed your mind.
Master as a racist term
1) I think this whole thread is too political. 2) It is not for the privileged to tell the oppressed how they ought to feel. 3) I see no problem with "master" ranks, other than the fatuousness of the whole concept. But if there is a problem with the name ...
Working Backwards from Maximal Security
ok, I'll change the documentation if you'd like to suggest a different wording. The program uses independent random numbers for each deal.
Working Backwards from Maximal Security
"2. The adversary can crack the PRNG being used to generate hands" I've written a dealing program which uses a one-time pad instead of a PRNG. You can download an alpha version [url=]here[/url].
The Hand That Made 8!D Illegal
According to which law?
No IMPs at stake
You ruff high at trick three, RHO wins K at trick four to play clubs, you duck the first round and LHO pitches a spade. You cover the second club, LHO ruffs and leads another heart which you ruff in dummy. You can't play a club or they'll ...
The history of cheating in Bridge
Apparently the page was created in June 2016 by 'Newwhist', and there have been only minor changes to the Burgay section since.
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