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What should the selectors do?
uh-huh. I encourage your correspondent to get in touch with me and tell me more about his views. Some of his peers do that from time to time already: so far as I can tell it has done them no harm.
What should the selectors do?
I'd be amazed if you can find a past or present England player to confirm that they were worrying during play about what the selection committee would think.
Awkward fourth suit forcing auction
I don't mind using bidding space if it tells partner a lot about my hand. I agree with you about the ambiguity, but we're not stopping in 5m anyway.
Awkward fourth suit forcing auction
I bid 4 on this hand. With hand (2) I bid 3. With hand (3) I bid 3 I can't have the 1354 minimum some commentators have mentioned, because I would have raised hearts directly.
A list of "Just bridge" situations
Your partner has some idea what sort of hand would respond 1 to 1 with three spades. I have none. As your opponent, I'm entitled to know what your partner knows.
What should the selectors do?
If you want to know that the Conditions of Contest said, read them. (Google for example will find them).
Who Will Direct the Directors?
The auction started P-2(multi)-3-P, 4(splinter)-P-4-X-XX. The opening passer's hand was K97 8632 6 AJ974. I suppose his redouble was intended to be a response to key card. To what extent do or should the laws require a player to disbelieve an ...
A list of "Just bridge" situations
Imagine that bridge is played, under the same rules, on the planet Zarg. General bridge knowledge should be something which we can expect to be known to a Zargian expert. Anything else is local knowledge. To quote David Burn, "tell them what you play". And don't make excuses about ...
What should the selectors do?
We in Europe do hold an event from which the most successful teams qualify for the World Championships. That event is the European Championships, just completed.
What should the selectors do?
If this is an analogy, it's an instructive one. A 100m trial race held not long before the Olympics is a good, but not perfect, way to find out who who's likely to run fastest at the Olympics. A marathon trial held not long beforehand would be a ...
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