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Paul Barden
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Aug. 20, 2015
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For those of a certain age
I used the London underground a lot when on crutches in 2000. Often there were no free seats, perhaps three times I was offered one. On one of those occasions, an apparently healthy young woman rushed past me to seize the newly vacant seat. It is of course possible that ...
Wrong view on multi 2d by ACBL
Many years ago, when the multi was licensed by the EBU as a named convention showing a weak two in either major or a choice of strong options, I protested to them that I ought to be allowed to play a similar method in which the only weak option was ...
Correct ruling on a claim?
Andy, I asked about this specifically, and Rajeev told us "She played the Q saw x from South and then claimed."
Wrong view on multi 2d by ACBL
For many years, the multi 2 was allowed by the EBU as a special case, and I thought that was wrong. But nowadays it comes under the EBU's general rules on 2-level openings - there's no inconsistency. It's not difficult to have a perfectly adequate, mostly natural ...
Prepare the Auction
If you respond 2NT, is there a risk that partner with king to six hearts will show the queen in response to RKCB?
What Went Wrong Here for North-South
4 is making when South has J107x and East has A98x. Not on the original layout.
Correct ruling on a claim?
Did she claim as soon as she called for Q, or did she wait for both opponents to follow? The latter would be evidence that she was checking for a split not worse than 3-1, having somehow miscounted.
What Went Wrong Here for North-South
North's 2 is normal - you're supposed to have a respectable hand in second position. Once East had doubled 2, East-West were headed for 4, which a competent declarer would make against the heart lie we've been given second time, especially on a spade lead ...
Defending 3NT is hard
One of them should be: I've changed it, thank you.
Can being fully ethical be unethical?
I think this is right. You can't fairly claim to have an agreement to play X if you both bid as if you play Y.
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