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Weaker than usual
The problem comes from the British Gold Cup final last Sunday. At the table West followed upwards, I think showing odd then suggesting clubs. His partner with AKQ103 K107 10865 6 switched to a club.
Bridge Ethics vs Bridge Law - Impossible Situation
If you want to double, but feel constrained not to by the UI, then call the TD and let him decide how to handle it. Receiving UI from another table through no fault of your own should not force you to take an inferior action. However, you are certainly not ...
Changing a card played after a revoke
Michael, yes. I acknowledge Ed's reservations, but certainly one can do what I suggest already. I'm saying it should be illegal to claim to be thinking about the hand in general if your thinking includes consideration of which card to play to the current trick. So you show ...
Yet another "Is pass forcing"?
Why does it matter whether South's pass is forcing? His options are to double if he wishes to defend 5 doubled, and pass otherwise. Unless you've agreed to change the meaning of pass and double when pass is forcing. If you do that, you need pellucid rules ...
Changing a card played after a revoke
What I think the law should be: a player who wishes to think about the whole hand may play a card face up and keep it there while he thinks, not quitting the trick.
ATB - reaching a bad slam
ok, it's substantially worse on a heart lead. But making on a red-suit squeeze here, if you play for it.
ATB - reaching a bad slam
On the heart lead, if you want to play to discard a heart on the fourth diamond you need trumps 2-2 as well as diamonds 3-3 so that you can draw trumps and still ruff both your club losers. In that case surely East is 2137, so you might as ...
ATB - reaching a bad slam
It's about 40%, and making on this layout. And no one did anything daft in the auction. Why worry?
What is the true source of this deal?
On a diamond lead, if you think it's a singleton it's reasonable to place East with A - who leads a singleton against slam when they've got an ace? In that case, you make by cashing five rounds of hearts regardless of the spade position - East has to ...
A Close Decision at IMPs
Also, if South has all three hearts you will make by finessing the queen if clubs are 3-3 but not by playing the ace.
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