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You be the Comittee .
The Director should discuss possible auctions with East-West, and possible lines up play, and come up with appropriate weightings for 4, 6, 5, and 6, and for 11 and 12 tricks. (Some of the weights might well be zero.)
Legal? Ethical?
We had an incident in Wuhan where an opponent failed to see that his partner had doubled an artificial spade bid - if he had he would have bid the suit - and passed. He realised his mistake before the tray had been passed under the screen, and wanted to change his ...
Legal? Ethical?
It seems to me that, playing with screens, a director call by your partner during the auction makes it less likely that you should pass the board out. However, players have to be allowed to call the director without fear of penalty. Perhaps it would be a slight improvement to ...
Viewing Top Pairs' Convention Cards
System cards for the 2019 World Teams Championships here:
Help needed with a player upset with a director's ruling
It seems to me that in many situations, the meaning of a bid is best described by saying what partner is expected to do about it. For example, if my partner wants to play 1-3 as weak, I want to know what he expects me to do with ...
Law of Total Tricks
I'd say top players often raise to the level of the fit. But when they have an actual bidding problem, they think about the actual hand.
Play or Defend 3NT
Bravo! The change makes it impossible for the defence to establish a heart trick by force, so it has to concentrate on disrupting communications.
Play or Defend 3NT
It's in [i]Arrow Through The Heart[/i], page 159. The defence starts with A then 9. Declarer, a mediaeval cleric, shows the sort of cardplaying prowess one might expect by winning J, and goes one off. "[[]The defenders] shared a glance. If declarer had read the lie of ...
Play or Defend 3NT
It doesn't change the successful opening lead(s), it just makes the subsequent defence more precise.
Help needed with a player upset with a director's ruling
Did East lead a diamond against 5?
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