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Paul Dalley
Paul Dalley
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March 30, 2018
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July 17
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about me

Having my bid, putting down a good dummy, making partner's life easy, getting a plus score. Not that concerned about going +170.


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Favorite Conventions
None. Conventions are sometimes fun but they lose IMPS / match-points, particularly in partnerships that practice less than 10-20 hours a week together.
ACBL Ranking
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Another hand from the rubber bridge table
Double would have been penalty
I cheat
I don't think this is cheating (as the title indicates), it is more like unintentionally breaching the rules in broad daylight and clear sight - like a tennis player putting their foot over the line during their serve, and receiving a foot fault. I disagree with the bid you made ...
Liam Milne's bidding problem: AQ7 Q4 AQ985 A96
That comment isn't persuasive. Anyway, its probably a matter that a simulator could give some insight into. What would you say partners expected point count and shape is? There are 22 points unaccounted for. Illd say North has very little to bid like that, so partner probably has 7-16 ...
Liam Milne's bidding problem: AQ7 Q4 AQ985 A96
3 Keycards, queen of trumps, 3 card support, decent 5 card side suit, partner high odds to have shortage in hearts - feels right to bid on. A cool idea - After 5S, if partner has a hand, 5NT should be keycard - denying a void. For hands with a void, bid on ...
Liam Milne's bidding problem: Q43 AKJ96 932 A7
Kxxx x AKxxxxx x That's partner's hand.
Matthew Brown's bidding problem: Qxx --- KQxx KJT9xx
If partner's looking at 3-4 keycards, it makes some sense to bid the suit where the keycard is lacking, i.e. 6H would convey a lot - a keycard missing in H and possibly trumps. Whereas, bidding keycards, 6C, gives 1 piece of info. If this was the case, when ...
Matthew Brown's bidding problem: Qxx --- KQxx KJT9xx
Thats a good point although I'm not sure that the hand I gave would be a clear 7S bid, maybe it should be. Maybe you have a hand like the below and 7S is off. QJxx K Kx KQxxxx
Matthew Brown's bidding problem: Qxx --- KQxx KJT9xx
I think partner is looking at 2 small hearts and otherwise has the nuts. Say AKxxxx xx Axx Ax Partner probably knew you would not go to 7S over 6H looking at his cards, and was preying the auction would continue this way. I don't really know what other ...
Matthew Brown's bidding problem: Qxx --- KQxx KJT9xx
Its a huge move to pass 7H, asking partner to rethink. I think they would only do this looking at 4 keycards. The passer would know that lack of keycards would obviously be a big reason not to go to 7 over 6H, despite a void, so its suggesting that ...
John Newman's bidding problem: AQJ9752 84 K4 J7
I wouldn't think about bidding on this hand. 7240 I would probably rip, 7141 probably would still pass. You have approximately 1 trick in your hand, that should be more than enough to defeat it. If bidding game was 100% going to make, you would do it. If it ...

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