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Paul Friedman
Paul Friedman
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July 28, 2010
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6 minutes ago
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about me

I always play my partner's system; that way it is her/his fault.

United States of America

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Favorite Bridge Memory
Kibitzing O. Jacoby in his last Reisinger session; Guessing a Queen on a 2-way finesse. Last happened 8:39 p.m., 23 June 1986
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Ian Wilson
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St Petersburg, FL
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N.A. Nationals
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Blue Team Club; Your convention card.
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Life Master
Tough contract
Pete: Welcome! Don't worry about not having all the nicities figured out yet. I've learned that when posting a problem or question to always provide the following information: Bidding (including details of any special meanings just like you did with 1NT(forcing). The bidding is important even if ...
Redoubling Isn't Rude
Of course it is ethical to turn the cube to 4 (for non-backgammon players, that's a redouble). The only unethical actions described were not made by East-West. As for tactics, I would have passed 4x. I have no reason to think I can beat whatever the opponent's ...
1354 and 2353 minimum opener rebids
Trying to analyze this would be quite a project. Raising versus bidding 2 on the 1=3=5=4 and 1NT on the 2=3=5=3 hands changes how the opponents bid and how they declarer or defend even if the final contract is the same in either ...
Another "what should this double be?"
Jack: Your exclamation points are a clear overbid. If one writes Rosenkrantz double, the meaning is clear. If one writes Jacobi Transfers, the meaning is clear. Relax, take a deep breath, and let typoes (and, yes, that is spelled correctly) rest in peace.
Another "what should this double be?"
I've played this tyupe of double three different ways. In no particular order: 1. High Club honor. 2. Denies a high club honor (don't lead clubs hoping for anything useful from me). 3. Club raise with some defensive strength. Sort of a don't sac, pard message.
No Drury in 4th seat?
If I am playing Drury, I am playing it when 3rd or 4th seat opens 1M. I don't understand the arguement for playing it in 3rd seat only.
ATB - Hopeless grand
West needs a way to show a minimum. If 4 did that (i.e., the pair plays Serious 3NT) then I think East overbid.
What does this double mean?
The double is not 100% penalty. You are allowed to bid if the 3 bidder is holding your loved ones hostage
Redouble vs Suit Bid
Alan: You will note that we are all assuming that a new suit at the one levelover the double is a one round force. It used to be that anew suit, even at the one level, was not forcing over a double. If that your your method, then you would ...
Redouble vs Suit Bid
Yes, me too. On the 12 card hand, where ever you put the 13th card, I'm bidding 1.

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