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Is Bridge a Sport?
What will our American cousins make of this thread when they wake up? I suspect that the argument over VAT on Jaffa Cakes was proportionately less important to United Biscuits than that over VAT on competition entries was to the EBU. So perhaps it was worth pursuing the argument that ...
UI Rule Intepretation Question
The Law has been changed. Under the 2007 Laws the call actually made had to be a logical alternative if Law 16 was going to be applied so supposedly a player could get away with an illogical call. Now under the current laws it doesn't matter whether 4 ...
Trick 1 Pause, Platinum Pairs
In England TDs have specific guidance on this issue which I set out below. "8.73.1 Hesitating with two small cards Pausing to consider whether to signal is an infraction, under Law 73D1. The player has failed to be ‘particularly careful in positions where variations (in tempo) may work ...
John Portwood's bidding problem: KJT764 AT5 --- AQ54
I assume 3 spades was slow. Yes West should have bid 4 straight away and given up on a slam but only TDs will think pass is an LA here.
The demise of "whether"
John, I think you will find there is an ocean of difference between the way you use 'insure' and the way most of the posters on this site do.
Format for National Team Trials
In England teams in the past have often been selected by committee and recent trials formats have not been without controversy but it seems we are now committed to trials. From the latest draft minutes of the EBU Selection Committee here is the current position. EBU TRIALS 2019-2020 The EBU ...
Post 18. Mr. Harold Thorne and his “Bridge In 20 Minutes” little book. Monday 3rd September.
Phillips appears to have written in the 'News Chronicle' on bridge as 'Ninespot' and on other subjects as 'Dogberry' as well as writing the anonymous leading articles. So he was no stranger to the use of pseudonyms but I have no evidence about 'Petronius'
Post 18. Mr. Harold Thorne and his “Bridge In 20 Minutes” little book. Monday 3rd September.
My earliest copy of 'Contract Bridge in 20 minutes' gives the following dates for the early editions: 1st Dec 1930 2nd Jan 1931 3rd Feb 1931 4th Apr 1931 5th Aug 1931 6th Nov 1931 7th Nov 1931 8th Feb 1932 9th Feb 1932 It also carries an advertisement for ...
Director, please!
DB your complete sentence was 'I don't need no stinking regulation, Andy.' Andy Bowles referred to White Book Minute 5.2 of the Laws and Ethics Committee meeting of 27/05/15 suggests that you were to write this paragraph of the White Book. Perhaps ...
Director, please!
It is of course interesting that the 'stinking regulation' to which DB refers was, according to the minutes of the EBU Laws and Ethics Committee in 2015, drafted by one David Burn. It is fair to note as DB does that the Laws have changed since the regulation was written ...
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