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You may be able to persuade me otherwise but.....
The introduction of the comparable call law does introduce a complication for directors. The people here who say they like it are directors who have been on the courses and understand it. We find we are now able to allow a hand to continue normally far more often. In cases ...
Insufficient Bid
I am largely in agreement with JP. I would say that I would never need to look at the offender's hand to know whether a call was comparable just understand his/her system. However I would not offer the offender the opportunity to discuss away from the table whether ...
Best Movement for 6 pairs? (Party/non sanctioned)
How about this 30-Board full Howell better balanced than the normal 25-Board movement 3 Tables: Full Howell (Green EBU24A F 3) Table 1 Table 2 Table 3 R NS EW Set R NS EW Set R NS EW Set 1 4 3 7~9 1 5 2 13~15 1 ...
Partner passes out of turn
The aim of this change to the laws, as with previous changes, is following an irregularity to more often allow a result to be obtained by playing bridge rather than imposing a penalty or forcing a player to guess a final contract. (Whether this is a good idea or not ...
Do Players Still Sort Their Cards in the UK?
The laws have been updated. 6E4 The Director may require a different method of dealing or pre-dealing to produce the same wholly random expectations as from A and B above. This was in the 2007 Laws as well so dealing machines have been allowed for a while.
Fill in the blank
I'm not sure our American cousins will get that one Ian and aren't you too young to have been watching that when first broadcast?
How do you rule?
Kit, As West does not know East's hand West's UI is the same whatever East's hand is. West's UI is "either my partner has forgotten the system or (s)he has forgotten to alert". The partnership may have some history which makes one alternative more likely ...
Reserving Rights
Everyone agrees that getting agreement on potential UI is a good thing but that this description of how it done is bad thing. So how in 2026 do we remember to change the wording in the 2027 laws?
Another Comparable(?) Call
No it is not. The words are as above "the outcome of the board could well have been different, and in consequence the non-offending side is damaged". The point I was making was that there is no UI when a call is withdrawn and replaced with a comparable call but ...
Another Comparable(?) Call
If there is a comparable call there is no UI. The withdrawn call is authorised information to all players of both sides. If we have been generous in allowing a comparable call which provides a small amount of additional information to the partner then he/she is perfectly entitled to ...
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