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Paul Hightower
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June 28, 2016
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Good club player, can't afford travel or tournaments. Long time contributor at

United States of America

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Michael Low's bidding problem: AKQTx --- xxxx AQxx
@David: Agreed. Four losers opposite an opening bid with a fit? Three cover cards would be a conservative estimate, we must drive to slam unless we have proof positive of two missing key cards or two quick losers or other serious flaw.
Michael Low's bidding problem: AKQTx --- xxxx AQxx
Odds favor 6, but I'd like to hear a 4 control-bid from partner, to eliminate Jxxx AKx QJxx Kx as a possibility.
Kerry Kappell's bidding problem: AT JT93 K63 AK32
Love the 1 point stopper!
Kyle Rockoff's bidding problem: 4 A876 J74 KT652
We chased them from 1NT into 2NT and helped partner with the lead. Looks good to me.
David Libchaber's bidding problem: --- AQT2 AK54 KT743
I originally voted 2, but forgot to check BWS first. The sequence 1-1; 2-2 could be artificial and weak; 2NT would be natural and game-forcing. I'd rather play 2 in that sequence as natural, any strength, OR artificial and game forcing, with 2NT ...
Kursat Ozsahin's bidding problem: 2 96432 K932 T87
I have a rule not to double with a singleton in an unbid major, so if I could count on that here I'd agree with you.
Itzik Ezra's bidding problem: AK A9 Q965 AKJT4
I rate this hand about 21.6 for notrump purposes, so I might upgrade out the usual 20-21 range. Playing 20-22, this is well within range. A diamond fit would improve this hand enormously, but I'm not risking getting passed out at 1 to find out. And what ...
Hanoi Rondón's bidding problem: AJ864 4 Q4 AKQ97
They have a fit, we are a heavy favorite to have a fit. Bid 3 and leave the rest to partner.
Eric Leong's bidding problem: KJ54 T53 76 AQT4
I'd like a fit jump here but without that 2 looks fine -- we are allowed to have better than a dead minimum for a bid, partner has some alternative to signing off. I usually play opener bids 2 to confirm normal values.
Steven Mcgrahan's bidding problem: AKT3 J3 73 AQJ96
I would certainly have overcalled 2, and partner might then have raised, but if not we wold be looking at almost the same auction without having shown spades. Passing then we would at least be confident we did not have an undiscovered 9 card fit, but we'd be ...

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