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June 28, 2016
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Good club player, can't afford travel or tournaments. Long time contributor at

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Bill Segraves's bidding problem: KJT8754 A6 5 QJ6
Cheap ? Only if they have no club ruff. But that's the argument for preempting last round -- they may not diagnose that defending is better than declaring.
Confession of a Self-Kibitzer
I agree, Richard W., this was serious cheating. I appreciate the explanation of how a player slid into this behavior, but I do not view that as exculpatory. It is, however, a warning about playing conditions. We give him credit for the confession in terms of saved effort for enforcers ...
Using the "C" Word
Absolutely! My partner and I talk after the game is over, not during. This has to be a bright line. I can understand wanting to discuss previous hands during the session -- we do this in face-to-face bridge. The ACBL article on combing Zoom with BBO is interesting. Disclaimer -- of course ...
Confession of a Self-Kibitzer
Sad, but predictable IMO. "Honor sytems" and "trust" routinely fail in the face of great temptation combined with lax security. Most people are capable of both great self-sacrifice and base self-interest. That's human nature. I appreciate the dog-and-daughter part of the story here -- I did not at all feel ...
Bill Segraves's bidding problem: KJT8754 A6 5 QJ6
Partner could have a useful card or two but more likely is near broke. Playing out of this hand, with no ability to pull trumps quickly, we rate to lose two spades, a heart, a diamond and all three clubs by way of a defensive ruff. I'm leading the ...
Opening standards: LTC vs Point Count
Andrzej: Be aware that Goren originally assigned a value of 1/2 to tens. However, students did not like dealing with fractions so he chose simplicity over accuracy. Not unreasonable IMO.
Thibault Wolf's bidding problem: KQJ8 T98 AJ64 J2
Logical, if you're on the same page. I take it North's pass of 2 was forcing; what does South's pass of 4 imply?
Antonio Palma's bidding problem: KQJT86 AK3 --- 9542
I suspect slam but I'm settling for the obvious, vulnerable game bonus. Best hope -- that nasty preempt talked us out of a bad slam!
Opening standards: LTC vs Point Count
What Steve posted is equivalent to the 3-2-1 (or 4.5-3.0-1.5) count, which is reasonably accurate at suit play, while raw LTC is equivalent to a 3-3-3 count, plus 3 for every long card, which is laughable. The one thing I like about LTC is it gets you ...
How weak can your protective double of 3C be?
John, what you mean is that hand 1 has nine **potential** losers, which is true, however, odds favor partner having at least four cards in a major or five in diamonds, which alone can reduce the count by two. We are then hoping for three cover cards, not at all ...

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