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Paul Holmes
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July 12, 2011
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Akron OH area. 1 NABC win (Young LM pairs, 2018).

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Should score be adjusted?
Isn't the right question "If you had been told that North intended double as takeout, but that South forgot that was their agreement and believed double was penalty, what would you have done?" That gives both the authorized information from the table (what south said and did) and the ...
Open Memphis Discussion Thread
Thanks DB for the reference to Mott the Hoople's "All the Way from Memphis"; I'd only heard Brian May's cover.
My 1NT engine
"3 5+/5+ minors at least invitational" but forcing? Seems strange.
What is partner doing bidding 6!C?
@DJ I made a poor choice of example hand... AQJxxx / A / x / AQJTx?
What is partner doing bidding 6!C?
Sorry to say, it was hypothetical. I held the 2 opener and was wondering after the hand if bidding 6 without the K could mean something useful. I was thinking along the lines of Andrew Yeckel above... it would have to be a hand where partner did the ...
What is partner doing bidding 6!C?
I'm not sure we'd be on solid ground here. I _think_ they would be "showing" as you imply; i.e. 6 over 6 would show the diamond king (and all keys).
What is partner doing bidding 6!C?
No good agreements: 5 = Q with K, maybe other kings 5 = no Q 5NT = Q with no K 6 = Q with K, no K, maybe K 6 = Q with K, no other K Never discussed anything else. (edited after Steve Myerson's comment below; I had ...
What is partner doing bidding 6!C?
IMPs. I agree re: bidding 2NT. I don't disagree re: 4. These were partner's choices, I was the 2 opener.
What is partner doing bidding 6!C?
@MR I didn't mean to imply that I couldn't see an alternative; just that I didn't know which alternative JH was suggesting. Nor did I mean to defend the choice (partner's choice, incidentally; I was the 2 opener); I simply didn't consider it germane ...
What is partner doing bidding 6!C?
Thanks, forgot to mention that partner could have bid 6 suit immediately to show an odd number of keycards and a void.

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