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Paul Holmes
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July 12, 2011
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Akron OH area. 1 NABC win (Young LM pairs, 2018).

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World Online Championship - 1st edition 2020
"up to 500 finalists (all expenses paid!)." Wow. Though I wonder what this means exactly... Looks to me like the prize money would be distributed to the finalists who are playing on-site in China in November. I wouldn't want to ch**t in China... punishments are likely to be ...
River Boat Gambler's hand
This one? probably no, doesn't quite fit the description.
good ruling?
Maybe you should have volunteered that you would have bid 3NT if you weren't barred. Or 5C. Or 4S. Just chosen at random, since after all, you're barred. Seems only fair that opps ought to get some fun made-up information after trying to enforce a made-up rule.
Expanding Confined Space
I thought this was going to be about how the long-legged among us can get more physical space at the table. Oh, how I love when I get N/S assignment up against a wall, with space to shove my chair back a foot or two...
The Best Bridge Players On Wall Street (as of 2011)
Probably refers to the ACBL "Player of the Decade" list generated in the year referenced. This is the current list:
Not having an agreement about whether 13-15 was weak or strong? So South doubled intending your strong notrump defense (something including a long minor) and North thought it was penalties? After the diamond lead from South, I think -480 is just about given.
4th seat 4!h open
ODR = Offense-defense ratio
Is 4333 a semi-balanced distribution?
I thought a Swan was (7411).
Properly explaining a transfer accept
My preference in situations like this, whether or not it's "legal", is to offer to explain what the bid shows, but to say "you should ask partner about <1NT here, whatever is relevant> first." They almost always do. If they don't, I'm happy that I've divested my responsibility for full disclosure.
Should score be adjusted?
Isn't the right question "If you had been told that North intended double as takeout, but that South forgot that was their agreement and believed double was penalty, what would you have done?" That gives both the authorized information from the table (what south said and did) and the ...

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