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Paul Holmes
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July 12, 2011
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Akron OH area. 1 NABC win (Young LM pairs, 2018).

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Things happen
Seems like the problem could have been prevented by LHO leading face down. Sounds tricky to rule, since I don't think the auction is over. Might need to assign an artificial score, as much as everyone hates that.
For the Anything Goes File -- Multi-1NT???
I agree with Craig's suggestion. But answering the original post, I think what you have in mind is legal if 1NT is forcing. If it's non-forcing, I think you're out of luck. See Open Chart, Opening Bids, #6. Whether ...
An Embarrassing Unintended Pass
@Richard Fleet: Language (of which bridge bidding is an example) is contextual. If you are in a context in which "Bergen raise etc." has more meaning to your audience than "4-card limit raise", then I think it's reasonable to argue the former is superior. I've certainly played against ...
Yeah, anything that decreased the amount of good bridge available to watch on BBO would be a bad change for a lot of us. I'd echo Alan's sentiment. I don't think the fundamental problem is "NABCs aren't attractive enough because they're too common" or "NABCs ...
The Slam Killer
To Alan I say
Trick two problem
Can I just vote for "I like Phillip Martin and want him to post more"?
24 Hours of Le Bots - Robot Bridge Marathon - September 1, 2018
Good luck. It would be good to let us know what 24 hours you're talking about, including time zone.
What is safe?
I know I would be happier without the compass, and with just the bidding diagram in the "middle".
Mini and Micro Spingolds on ACBL Live
Thanks Mike. Was not surprised to see the two 0-2500 finalists; we went 1-1-1 against them in the round before the quarterfinals, -10 IMPs overall for the loss. The losing finalists are a pretty neat story, it's four high school kids and their teacher/coach from China... their teacher ...
Donations Needed
I don't suppose you could arrange with BBO for us to donate BB$ to Bridgewinners, could you?

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