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Paul Kushner
Paul Kushner
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Jan. 29, 2018
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July 2
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Bridge Player
about me

Recently retired. I enjoy playing locally in the South Lake Tahoe / Carson City / Reno area.

Also like traveling to Sacramento and the Bay Area to play in Sectionals and Regionals.

United States of America

Bridge Information

Regular Bridge Partners
Club: Doug Smith, Gary Nitzberg, Paul Jorgenson, Thelma Nelson Tournaments: Bob Etter, Gary MacGregor, Bob Thomson, Ronnie McMurdie
Favorite Tournaments
Regionals in Reno, Sacramento, Santa Clara, and Monterey.
Favorite Conventions
XYZ, Rosenkranz, DONT
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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Board 13 from the 05/25/2020 Common Game
Lynn--Are you having a bad day? I count 6 spades and 6 clubs for a total of 12 tricks not "13 tricks while off two aces!" Am i missing something?
Board 12 from the 05/25/2020 Common Game
With all due respect Lynn, you are forgetting the 2 spade losers, You CANNOT make 5 diamonds even on a non club lead! A club lead holds declarer to NINE tricks, not TEN as you suggested. Am I missing something?
Board 9 from the 05/25/2020 Common Game
Playing weak NT I was forced to open 1H,which partner passed. West reopened with a double which East passedouth "rescued" into 2 diamonds, EW now had a crazy auction to end up in 3NT, which SOUTH doubled. West "rescued" to 4 clubs, which North doubled. Jd lead, how ...
Board 7 from the 05/25/2020 Common Game
Please tell me how 9 tricks can be made with As lead? Cash 3 spades. switch to diamond and 3H is down 1!
Opener's 1st rebid
Matchpoints, Both Vul
Forcing or non-forcing?
See comment below. 26 HCP without a spade stopper may or may not make 5C, but it should make 4C!
Forcing or non-forcing?
Couldn't this bidding suggest a hand that WAS invitational, had no spade stopper for 3NT, always had club support, and realizes that 5C is just too high? The 2D bid was simply looking for 3 card heart support.
Forcing or non-forcing?
Thanks for the links. Very interesting comments!
Forcing or non-forcing?
4th suit by opener is just a waiting bid. How could they force to game after making a non-forcing 2C rebid?

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