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Paul Lamford
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April 6, 2016
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BBO Censorship?
One opponent, who had moved to Scunthorpe, had her new location censored by intelligent software.
The Hand That Made 8!D Illegal
More precisely it was a bug in calculating the par contract. It did not think you could have a positive score of 8 of anything, and the bug only occurred when a) one side could make a 7 level contract b) the other side had a "cheaper" save at the ...
A field day for the heat
I don't think that factors such as the possible match score, which is a movable feast, or the no-trump range in the other room, makes much difference. I was interested in this from a bridge point of view, and will leave the discussions of the Greek alphabet to people ...
Allegations against EBU members
It is not clear to me reading the Bye Laws on the EBU site which regulation Neeraj is alleged to have broken by publishing hands as he did. Perhaps Jeremy can clarify that. If it is: "any other act that the Disciplinary Committee or Appeals Committee considers to be misconduct ...
Paul Lamford's lead problem: JT965 K93 QJ54 5
Thanks all. The diamond works as declarer has Ax opposite xx and has no quick parking place for the loser. Slam is a lucky make, but nobody has indicated why the different explanation would make any difference to the lead. Nor do I think there is any reason, although this ...
Gold v Gold
Mike writes: "If the TD is responsible for the incorrect seating of the teams". I think the TD is ALWAYS mainly responsible if the two teams are incorrectly seated. My wife Stefanie ran 5 consecutive Lederers of 8 teams with not a single mis-boarding, and the year after she stopped ...
Gold v Gold
On the previous occasion, I think 8 boards were played in the same direction in both rooms.
Paying the Penalty
I think that if one card is dropped, that often allows the board to be played, but I don't think a normal result can be achieved if several are dropped, and certainly not if all 13 are dropped!
Paying the Penalty
Yes, I can find no sensible way to avoid innumerable "duals" as they say in problem-speak.
Paying the Penalty
Yes, or even as little as ♠AQ ♥AKQ ♦AKQJ ♣9876 (or the minors transposed) and East is still squeezed. I thought one needed West to be ♠AQ ♥AKQ ♦AKQJ ♣AKQJ, when you can still make but you have shown that you do not need this. A seriously flawed problem, sorry ...

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