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Paul Maris
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Oct. 22, 2013
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about me

Expert from the Netherlands, in top-40 masterpoint rankings. As a committee member I served the NBB for 30 years, EBL 20 years and WBF 10 years.


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Favorite Bridge Memory
Milan 1996, when I squeezed Garozzo for an overtrick in 6NT. After trick 9 he looked at me, I nodded and he put his cards back in the board.
Bridge Accomplishments
Winner of numerous tournaments. Played in Dutch top-division both teams and pairs.
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There is no "word" splimit in your (English) dictionary, but I can assure you that the "word" splimit exists in bridge: just google, or see for example The ACBL Bridge Bulletin February 2011, or see the book "2/1 Game Force, A Modern Approach". Moreover, you cannot find this "word ...
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Noteworthy that so far no one brought forward the word "splimit".
ATB for this disaster
@ Mike M This post is an ATB. The OP states "2C promises rebid, not gf". You may play another (definitely non-standard) method, but that's not the point.
ATB for this disaster
@ Steve M, Mike M Khokan B "2C is only forcing to suit agreement." Steve M "Um, Major suit agreement. Otherwise GF." Bridge World Standard 2017: "A cue-bid advance of a takeout double shows at least game interest and creates a force until a suit is bid twice or game is ...
Double on bergen/mixed raise
As often the case, this matter has been discussed before at Bridge Winners, in fact way back in 2012: From that article I cite Mr. Kit Woolsey's view. "I strongly believe that the double should be lead-directing. After the Bergen raise, most of ...
Double on bergen/mixed raise
With any agreement it's a good idea to check whether it stays valid with a passed hand.
Double on bergen/mixed raise
Right! In any undiscussed case the default for double of a conventional bid is that it shows that suit (thus lead-directing). Only if discussed, we may consider take-out in this case, because it's a form of a raise.
Double on bergen/mixed raise
I agree that the method of doubling the limit raise = lead-directing, whereas doubling their mixed raise = take-out (of their major) is a popular method (but wouldn't call it "Expert Standard"). The idea being that after a limit raise the opponents probably have the balance of power and we should ...
Double on bergen/mixed raise
If you play double as lead-directing, then 3M might be used as 2-suiter other major + (unspecified) minor. A 3-suited take-out hand can pass and double at the next opportunity. If you play (non-)leaping Michaels in this situation, i.e. 4m over the Bergen raise as a 2-suiter in the ...
Double on bergen/mixed raise
Probably the idea is that after a 1-opening it is possible to stop in 3, while after a 1-opening you're forced to the four level anyway.
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