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Paul Tranmer
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Oct. 21, 2014
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ATB - missed slam
Absolutely. This isn't really an ATB hand, it's a "Lets all laugh at N's crap bidding" hand. Such hands do not sit well on BW, in my opinion.
What's your line?
A, K, 4 to Q, A, Q, if both opps followed to 3 rounds of then 6. If not breaking then 8 toward the K. My line needs 4-3 or A onside.
Here goes....
Hmmm, maybe, maybe not.
Here goes....
Tony Forrester
Ruling please
Apologies to the above, but I believe you've got it wrong. Declarer in his stated line of play said he was taking THE heart finesse. THE is singular. THerefore he did not intend to lead the queen and run it if not covered. As we all know, the rules ...
ATB - Wrong contract
Should N feel constrained to bid at all on the first round surely X is better than 2
RIGAL Leads NA Swiss
Good work Barry and team. Keep it up.
Save Bundy's Sanity
Protracted pauses during the bidding is lamentably widespread. I see it when playing at all levels and absolutely detest it. Of all the players I've called out about it no more than 1 in 10 agree about the BIT. The worst of the worst example is when an opponent ...
What is the right thing to do?
@BC - irrespective of the event you should never "let it slide". Bridge should, at all times, be played according to the rules.
Director question
Declarer made a claim, stating that he would play A then K and would make the contract if Q fell. As the Q did not fall in two rounds the contract was one off and must be scored as such. End of story.
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