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Paulo Brum
Paulo Brum
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March 5, 2015
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22 minutes ago
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Bridge Pro
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Favorite Bridge Memory
My first guard squeeze, or any time in which I fooled a defender with a well-timed falsecard.
Bridge Accomplishments
South American champion (at junior and open competition) for a few times. Represented Brazil in open World championships since 2007.
Regular Bridge Partners
Gabriel Chagas, Roberto Barbosa, Marcelo Branco
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Rio de Janeiro
Favorite Tournaments
Any WBF tournament
Favorite Conventions
Transfer Walsh (in a fully developed system)
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ACBL Ranking
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Continuations after opener's jump shift
@Richard Reitman, yes, it is more of an IMP-focused outlook. Brazilian main events (and South American events too) are also IMP-focused.
Continuations after opener's jump shift
No, "Standard Brazilian" uses a weak 2. The 18-19 BAL hand forces to game, and either uses the 2NT gadget or jumps to 3NT at the second round (depending on the partnership agreement). I my past partnerships I did play the 2 opening as BAL 18-19, but it ...
Continuations after opener's jump shift
I and most other Brazilian top players have played, for many years now, the 2NT jump rebid by a 1M opener as ART, FG, denying a side suit of 5+ cards. There is enough space to sort out opener's hand, and to show responder's unusual (55's, 6 ...
Do you want to be in 3N? (Part 2)
I like 1 2 2 2NT 3 3 3NT better.
Declarer Play problem - second session qualifier - Goldman pairs
In my case, mostly because I think I have a better chance of getting honest carding by starting with a low heart.
Declarer Play problem - second session qualifier - Goldman pairs
My best chance of making this is guessing who (if anyone) has Ax. The only road for getting a smidgeon of information before committing to any line is to play a small heart now and watch the carding. If it looks like hearts are 3-3, the most likely shapes for ...
No inspiration yet
I would win the A and play a diamond. Looks like the safest route for 8 (or more) tricks.
What went wrong here?
If one chooses to pass over 2, then 4 becomes a very clear bid at the 3rd round. East has a very powerful hand over a 2-doubles hand and must do something.
What went wrong here?
East has a very clear 3 bid at the 2nd round (directly after the first double).
Question for the matchpoint mavens
If the counter-try by partner is descriptive, surely our hand can be devalued, depending on whether our honors fit well with partner's distribution. In the given sequence, xxxx QJx KQxx Kx (a max for 3, in most systems) would definitely want to go back to 3 after ...

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