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Paulo Brum
Paulo Brum
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March 5, 2015
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an hour ago
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Bridge Pro
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Favorite Bridge Memory
My first guard squeeze, or any time in which I fooled a defender with a well-timed falsecard.
Bridge Accomplishments
South American champion (at junior and open competition) for a few times. Represented Brazil in open World championships since 2007.
Regular Bridge Partners
Gabriel Chagas, Roberto Barbosa, Marcelo Branco
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Rio de Janeiro
Favorite Tournaments
Any WBF tournament
Favorite Conventions
Transfer Walsh (in a fully developed system)
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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Help Needed
I agree about how hard it is to believe that someone found it at the table (and in tempo, even!). Actually, it is probably because that is so amazing that the details of the hand in the book I first encountered it were burned in my mind! Unfortunately I lost ...
Help Needed
Hand 2 is presented (with attribution) in Allan Falk's "Team Trial". The bidding is 1NT-2C-2H-6H. The lead is a small club, dummy goes down with QJ109 of hearts and AQ10xx of clubs (and other goodies), and the hero has Kx in hearts and Kxx in clubs. I have a ...
Assess the Regional Swiss blame
Not raising with your suggested hand is much more reasonable, since the skew in the high cards means that your description of the hand is more flawed. With the OP hand I think a raise to 3 is clearcut (exactly because the overall bidding is a good description of ...
Please attribute the quote
I'm a big fan, have probably all of his books in that universe. And I have read that less than a month ago (it struck me too). The portly king.
How do you ask for aces?
The auction looks unplanned. Could not North set (or suggest) clubs as trumps (after the Stayman response) and then check for keycards? That is probably the simplest solution.
Expected shapes?
What I would expect without detailed agreements is close to what was said by others. What I think is best is a) that 2S denies 4 diamonds (unless there is EXTREME suit quality disparity, in effect enabling opener to treat diamonds as a 3-card suit) b) that 3D be reserved ...
Too weak to reverse but holding 6m-5M, which suit do you open with?
My view is very close to this. But I open hands that are too weak to be opened (!) if they are 65; and I have done this, sometimes, by opening 1M. Something like x KQxxx Kxxxxx x. If the hand is anything close to an opening bid [i]in defensive ...
Fascinating Drop vs Finesse decision from Wuhan
Ah, ok. That is a losing case for me (once he does not ruff).
Fascinating Drop vs Finesse decision from Wuhan
I don't understand why you say that West could not gain a trump trick by ruffing with the hypothetical 9x. Wouldn't this promote East's Qx?
Fascinating Drop vs Finesse decision from Wuhan
All signs point to East having Q9. Both because West would have ruffed high with 9x or Qx, and because East's line of defense is looking for a promotion. Under these assumptions, playing for the drop is bad only if West has Q9x, which is both odds against and ...

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