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Software Engineer at Google.


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A really quickie - What do you play at trick three?
How quickly did declarer play the K? Do we expect partner to lead the 7 from 87xx when shifting suits?
Non-ATB Disaster
Would this partner pass 3HX with 11 cards in the minors or a 7+ card minor suit? If declarer had Kxx, AKQJxxx, {Kx, x} they would play the minor at trick 2. If declarer has Kxx, AKQJxxx, {xx, x} there is no need to duck the second spade, you can ...
Corona Virus Poll for the Spring National
@DavidC: Given the unfortunate median age of ACBL players and the effects of the virus on that age group, having such a large congregation of people in small areas who are also passing around boards and cards is definitely a concern. It would be imprudent not be concerned and trying ...
Corona Virus Poll for the Spring National
Apparently, studies were done to break down by Age/Sex/Preexisting conditions. It seems to be strongly correlated to age (higher the age, more chances of fatality). No idea how reliable the sources are.
Corona Virus Poll for the Spring National
So far the numbers show that this is 20x times more fatal than flu. (Flu has 0.1% fatality rate, this has 2%). If we break the fatality rate down by age, I suspect the fatality rate for the 50+ age group will be much higher (and going higher as ...
Jeff Ford's bidding problem: T873 --- AQJT9765 A
Yes agree it is not cue-bid in hearts. I just mentioned that to pad the options :P
Jeff Ford's bidding problem: T873 --- AQJT9765 A
My ignorance is probably showing but I would be very afraid to bid 4 then 4 over 4 without prior discussion: is it choice of games? Cue bid with hearts? Slammish with spades? something else?
Jeff Ford's bidding problem: T873 --- AQJT9765 A
I am surprised I am the only one that bid 4. To me the choice is essentially between 4 and 5 (of course I am probably missing something). It seems unlikely that partner will have exactly 3 card spade. We will have the same spade losers whether ...
Meaning of 4C
Are you implying 3 is a cue? Anyway, I usually don't reply to rudeness, but since I think I have known you from BBO forums (MrAce?) I will just make this comment and be done.
Meaning of 4C
Perhaps all partner is interested in is hearing about a diamond singleton/control and the best way to find that out is by bidding 4. Anything else and you might land in a position where you have no clue about that.

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