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Peiyush Jain
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Nov. 19, 2012
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Software Engineer at Google.


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Watch 1983 TV Series “Master Bridge” on YouTube.
My first thought 'Wow! This program is pretty great!' My second thought was 'This is actually too deep. This will never fly as a TV program, even for the average bridge player'. The presentation could definitely have been made better (BBO would have helped greatly if it existed).
Eric Sieg's bidding problem: AQ6 J98xxx 8 A9x
This is far too pessimistic. Yes your trumps are bad but they will very likely be compensated by your partner's holding (and you have six of them). You also have A, AQ and a singleton diamond.
Bidding and Lead Combo
Trump on the get go seems too committal. You could shift to a trump later (yes there likely are hands where a trump lead might be required). CA seems to be the most flexible (trump shift, defensive crossruff etc).
Table Math
A handy tool: Other tools:
You Know You Have Issues When...
Ah! I see. Thanks for explaining.
Carding Question
Given your 3 raise, the presumption that partner has 6 cards and declarer went up with the A (presumably having Kx), attitude seems to make little sense. Yet there are so many votes for it. What am I missing? (The only reason I can think of is partner could ...
You Know You Have Issues When...
I don't get this comment. Care to explain?
I can't log into bridgebase
Try this: Type chrome://settings/siteData into the browser address bar. You should see "All cookies and site date" Search for by typing that next to the magnifying glass and click on the trash can to delete the cookies for Then go to ...
J and Lo in Atlanta
There is a partnership desk forum: I suspect the mods can move this for you and you won't need to post again.
Best Line in 4H?
Luc, if it is Kxxx, xxx, AKx, Axxx then yes, playing safe (trump shift) and hoping for a misguess is a reasonable defense. So now have you changed your line to a to K?

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