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Pete Marvin
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April 15, 2015
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Feb. 13
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about me

After toying with duplicate in college, I returned 4 years ago to duplicate bridge after career and family, as a retirement "gift" to myself.  Got Life Master in 2016.  Teach a Novice class some at local club level.  A great enthusiast...hope one day to be a great player.  Working on it...     Smile

Basic conventions are St Amer 2/1, with some fun additions at times.


United States of America

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Life Master
Tough contract at this. Please see original post for the declarer and dummy's hands, vul, etc. And my "comment" two paragraphs below that for bidding. It seems that votes on line-of-play are split. Would like to know your thoughts as to safest (IMPS) path to making 4.
Tough contract
I'm new to this section; would've preferred a hand diagram tool, but didn't see one. And I'm still not sure how to configure the poll options. I stated that opponents were silent, so is the auction relevant to line of play? I suppose failure-to-double might be ...
Unusual double
3 of a minor. I would think that partner would read that as a game try in our established trump suit, with values in that minor. Take away either minor Q and I'd simply bid 3H competitive.
Unusual double
Thanks to all! And my apologies for not showing responder's's my first such's my hand: S xxx H xxxx D A10xx C Jx Partner opened 1H, my RHO passed. I pondered and bid 2H. LHO bid 2S...partner doubled, and it came around ...
Pete Marvin's bidding problem: Q63 JT3 Q6x KQ62
Thanks to both. I passed...they were down 1 in 3H...we make 3S; both possible due to breaks VERY friendly to us.
Pete Marvin's lead problem: A6 AT4 KT5 AKQ63
As usual, Richard, you saw the essential question right away: How play the trump suit? Should the lead-directing double influence declarer not to play to drop the queen? After all, the math which favors the drop is minimal, so any influence otherwise should suggest to finesse it. ("...formatted as an ...
Pete Marvin's bidding problem: A KQT852 9 AK854
Me too! Hadda restrain myself, as 4H has a preemptive advantage as well. (Thought about making that bid a subject of another anticipated me.)
Pete Marvin's lead problem: T92 K9 JT3 T9532
Does the 10 promise the 9? Does the 9 deny the 10? How should opening leader read the play of the 9?
Pete Marvin's lead problem: 2 QJ7 T852 KJ652
Agree: After all, what would one balance WITH? Besides, I've read that statistically one can expect a 1C opener to hold 4 cards at least half the time...sure don't wanta be in clubs if that's the case. Sure, I could double and hope partner can put ...
Robert Thorstad's bidding problem: AQ9732 K2 K5 AK6
6 or 7 D's, 0 or 1 S. Decent D suit, with sufficient entries to suggest it'll develop. Can't say he has extra values since he's forced. So I'd try 4NT as an invite to slam. Not sure enough to venture 5NT "pick-a-slam".

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