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Pete Matthews Jr
Pete Matthews Jr
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Aug. 3, 2016
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18 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

-- Lifetime student of the game of bridge, particularly interested in bidding systems and conventions.  Author of many bridge articles, often of the "survey" type, cataloging the main methods of dealing with a problem, with recommendations.  (Writing improves my own understanding as well as informing others.)  Often performs and describes computer simulations or bids hands with various methods to answer specific questions.

-- Author of materials for club directors and managers, including recommended movements, the BridgeMats program, and pre-fomatted table mats (some being the basis for products from vendors).

-- See my web site ( or search the web for MITDLBC.  No ads, no charge.

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Won Series B Pairs with Gary Schwartz at Orlando 2018 World Bridge Series, got to play in A finals.
Regular Bridge Partners
Gary Schwartz, Andrew Hanes, Stewart Rubenstein
Member of Bridge Club(s)
MIT/DL BC (former 11-year club manager), Westwood DBC (MA)
Favorite Tournaments
Warwick RI, Nashua NH, Tampa FL, DAYTIME MAIN EVENTS and good dinners!
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Sapphire Life Master
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1NT announcement when you upgrade for length?
Ah, "Now you go your way baby and I'll go mine Now and forever till the end of time..." Well, I found the only Hollies vinyl that I made the time to put on my computer was my 45 of Sorry Suzanne. I'm going to rectify that; thanks ...
1NT announcement when you upgrade for length?
From the Open chart, which mostly lists what is disallowed: "Psyching an Artificial opening bid." An exception permits 2 under the same restrictions as the Basic chart: "Any opening bid that promises a Very Strong hand is allowed." Also disallowed: "An Artificial opening Preempt below 3NT; except, 2NT may ...
1NT announcement when you upgrade for length?
The current ACBL convention charts include definitions of terms, including "Range" (capitalized). Search the ACBL site for "convention chart". The first hit for me was the "Charts, Rules and Regulations". When the new charts first came out, they were extremely hard to find, but this page has solved that. The ...
1NT announcement when you upgrade for length?
The ACBL specifies a five HCP point maximum Range, period, even on the Open+ chart. Under the "judgment" or "Just Bridge" rationales, with 15-17 on your card, it would clearly be illegal to open any 12 HCP hand at 1NT. Under the same conditions, 12 could arguably be legal with ...
1NT announcement when you upgrade for length?
If partner opens 1, and you hold a bad hand with 6 or 7 clubs and a stiff in a major, a 1NT response may be particularly unappealing. My travel partner and I do not play weak jump shifts, so a response in an Axx or Kxx major becomes ...
1NT announcement when you upgrade for length?
Well, I think we can agree that there is no universally accepted method of hand evaluation, and also that the issue here is not necessarily hand evaluation. However, HCP are at their best (whatever you think about that "best" is), for balanced hands. Everybody knows how to count them. It ...
1NT announcement when you upgrade for length?
D. Burch, it's kind of a stretch, but were you referring to Everyday? I do appreciate your reference to my favorite Hollies song, tho.
1NT announcement when you upgrade for length?
High card points do not give the full measure of a bridge hand, and most experienced players constantly make adjustments. Nevertheless, all the current ACBL convention charts prohibit an opening 1NT Range of greater than five HCP, period. To make this enforceable, it makes sense to me to prohibit opening ...
1NT announcement when you upgrade for length?
Thanks, Alex & Debbie. Prohibition of asymmetric systems are something that I, too, have always known. I would never have thought to search for the word "alter" in this context, to search for the proof.
1NT announcement when you upgrade for length?
Debbie & Michael, congratulations on being ACBL honorary members of the year! _____ The new ACBL convention charts include, for all levels of play: "If an Agreement would be disallowed unless it satisfies a specific High Card Point or shape requirement, a player may not use judgment to include hands with fewer High Card Points or a different shape." Also, "Disallowed Opening Bids" includes "A Natural 1NT opening bid that has a Range greater than 5 HCP." 4-3-2-1 clearly is the rule here, since personal preference (judgment) is not permitted. So, if you or partner in ACBL games would ever open hand (3) 1NT, then you and partner must never open 1NT with a bad 18 HCP, and vice versa. Doing so would be cheating. There is an ambiguity. The convention charts clearly prohibit a six-point range (e.g. 13-18) in ACBL events, both on the card and in deed. The wording could support the conclusion that, if the card says 15-17, then judgment may not be used to bid hands outside the 15-17 range, since we are dealing with a bid that comes with a range restriction. _____ Using a PDF of the 2017 Laws online, I searched for "differ" and "same," as I did with the new and old convention charts. I did not find any rule that prohibits asymmetric bidding systems, for example, the client uses Jacoby Transfers, but the pro does not. So it appears to be legal to play 13-17, explicitly excluding 18, with the agreement that the client always has at least 15. Please do tell me if I missed something, or if there is a third reference, still current, that contradicts my conclusions. _____ Being a pessimist, over a number of years, I experimented with downgrading occasional balanced hands. On many deals where I did this, I was disappointed with the result; on the others, I got away with it. In my experience, downgrading a balanced hand is a plan to achieve a poor result, and I no longer do it. However, I seldom play against top-level opponents, or with a weak partner (think 18- to 17), where such a ...
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