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Doubler's Cue Bid
Let me step back to the OP. The initial position, which I attribute from memory to Eddie Kantar, is that doubler's cue bid shows doubt as to strain, likely 3-card support. The alternative "standard" approach for the cue bid would be Root's 21+ HCP; I get the sense ...
Richard Traxler's bidding problem: Q Q9742 K98654 9
This looks like a preemptive hand, to me. Note that partner rates to have either 4+ diamonds or 4 hearts (and 4 spades). In traffic, hearts has no advantage over diamonds, so suppressing the hearts may work out well. Finding a heart fit only counts if we declare and make ...
Mini-Splinters and Alternatives
Ronald is correct that submarine short suit bids make it riskier for the opponents to negotiate a save. On the other hand, how often do the opponents double opener's short suit bid, over a typical Jacoby 2NT response? It seems appropriate to make short suit bids consistent across your ...
Wish Trick
A234 has been a wish trick for me, since college in the late 60s. Its not that unusual. I never heard of 2345, before I found it in a letter in the Nov 2017 Bulletin (which led me here). Here's an anomaly: within the last year or two, I ...
Mini-Splinters and Alternatives
Thanks much, to everyone who replied to my Mini-Splinters and Alternatives approach. Your comments helped me firm up my thoughts. After much wrestling with the ideas and the text, I have posted a draft of my article at Further comments would ...
Mini-Splinters and Alternatives
Let me add some context. I'm trying to shrink the range of the single raise, so that game tries become less necessary. With a 5-loser hand, opener should just jump to game. For this to be right, responder should have two to three winners, but never four. (Sometimes, you ...
Mini-Splinters and Alternatives
Andy, you may well be right, but it does not taste good to me. It might just be a partscore hand. I'm not big on making them guess, when I'm pretty sure I know what they should do (pass). The time to make them guess is when everybody ...
Feedback: ACBL Convention Charts
The original post is extremely valuable. Without it, I would not have been aware of this effort at all. (The ACBL site is mediocre, and the search there is poor. For example, searching for "Convention Charts Update" did not find the document with that title.) On the other hand, the ...
Feedback: ACBL Convention Charts
The old GCC is not particularly clear on the definition of "range". However, I always understood that a range of five points could be, for example, 10-12 or 15-16 (five point values). The current GCC includes these words, under Disallowed, for example: "with a range of greater than 5 HCP ...
Mini-Splinters and Alternatives
Harald, if you use one bid to show shortness in either minor, that bid should be 2, so opener can discover the shortness without committing to game (which your 1/1-3 does not permit). Also, your method has no way to distinguish a weak mini-splinter such ...
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