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Peter Boyd
Peter Boyd
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March 22, 2011
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Sept. 20
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Bridge Pro

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Grand Life Master
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Std, 2/1
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KASLE Wins Roth Swiss
Way to go, Captain!
Open Las Vegas Discussion Thread
Email with apparently correct results finally arrived at 11:07AM PDT.
Open Las Vegas Discussion Thread
The ACBL Live Email with Open GNT qualifying results is wrong — missing 8th match scores.
Systems after (weak two) - 2N - (P)
3-suit transfers. Transfer to opener's suit is Stayman, except 3S is Stayman after 2S opener, to avoid wrong-siding a 4-4 Heart fit.
VOTE on scoring a Round Robin that has more than 1 segment between teams
Technical details are the realm of the TAC Committee. Policy matters, with broader political implications are the realm of the Policy Committee. To me, this topic (how to apply VP conversion to RR segments) falls clearly in the technical realm.
Discuss a Tardiness Penalty
In my opinion, the tardiness penalties adopted for the Women's Trials are too harsh. (3 IMP's in a KO, or 1VP in a RR, for being 61 seconds late.) I would rather see smaller penalties, with perhaps a slightly longer grace period. In my experience in recent Trials ...
Discuss a Tardiness Penalty
Note, that the USBF already has tardiness penalties in the General Conditions of contest, applicable to all Trials. That section says: "Play shall begin at the announced starting time. Players shall arrive five minutes before the announced starting time for the purpose of discussing opponents’ methods. Pairs who do not ...
Frivolous Appeal Penalty VOTE
I agree, that IMP penalties are not appropriate for frivolous appeals. Loss of seating rights in a subsequent segment might be worth considering. It would provide a disincentive, but not unduly affect the bridge score of a match. Chronic frivolous appeals violators should be referred to a C&E committee ...
How to Score a Round Robin Played in two Separate Segments
Frivolous Appeal Penalty GCOC section
It does seem difficult to find an appropriate penalty for an appeal deemed to be frivolous. Here are a few ideas. Note, I am not necessarily recommending any of these, but just mentioning them in brainstorming for possibilities. 1) Loss of seating rights in some subsequent segment (in next year ...

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