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March 22, 2011
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Frivolous Appeal Penalty GCOC section
It does seem difficult to find an appropriate penalty for an appeal deemed to be frivolous. Here are a few ideas. Note, I am not necessarily recommending any of these, but just mentioning them in brainstorming for possibilities. 1) Loss of seating rights in some subsequent segment (in next year ...
Thought for Womens' USA1 Semifinals
I believe there is another "choose your opponent" case, but there is no issue of a second place team deserving consideration, since all choices are on equal footing. The case is in a Repechage year, if the USA1 losing finalist joins three remaining USA2 teams for the USA2 Semifinals. The ...
7S puzzle in segment 7
The Robinson team lost 20 IMPs, when 7NT made, and 7S went down as described. We would have been FORTY IMPs better off if the East-West hands were reversed. Not often you see a swing that large!
Thought for Womens' USA1 Semifinals
Sounds good to me
Asking Laws questions during the game
FYI: Law 1.A explicitly enumerates the rank order of cards, from Ace down to 2.
Format for 5 team Round Robin?
A BAM movement works well with an odd-sized section, although it's not barometer (Pairs down 2 tables, boards down one table.) The 5-table movement envisioned for the Women's Trials RR will play two 7-board rounds at a time. You play what would be the first and last rounds ...
We need to Decide about the Bye Requirements in light of the Soloway
Michael: I agree, that we don't know for sure what the Soloway will "look like." In the interest of supporting the new event, and giving it the best chance to "look good," and succeed, it makes sense to me to rate it as equivalent to the Vanderbilt and Spingold ...
Open Memphis Discussion Thread
It’s awkward, but I managed to see NAP recaps, by picking a player name who I knew was playing, and looking him up on ACBL live. Look inside what’s there, and don’t be discouraged by tournament name. It looked like the top pair after day 1 was ...
Winners of national events
For more discussion, see the post “Richard Tracy” by Jim Fox.
Richard Tracy
I think the name problem stems from the ACBL reusing old ACBL player numbers from long- deceased players, and not correcting the winners database for that.

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