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Restricted Choice and it's application outside the bridge table.
For a while I thought the whole biscuit thing above was a (nice) trolling piss-take. But there still seems to be some doubt about the merit of ... No, I won't say what strategy I think is better. You don't need sophisticated maths or erudite/passionate arguments here. Just ...
A Request from Ms Manners
The text-only medium is a poor substitute for face to face communication. The nuances are feeble or nonexistent. If comments are directed at us, we can't respond as we would in real life, by walking away or by smiling politely and tuning out: we're here and we're ...
Special Bridge Rate
Strictly speaking, neither the flyer mentioned in the OP, nor the D25 regional referred to below describe the rates they quote as being in any way "special" although the word keeps getting used here. The OP refers to a "Special Bridge Code" (title case) while the flyer itself titles it ...
mice against cheaters
The $150 per deck came from the link supplied by Gonzalo Goded. Unless I read it wrong it was selling 4 poker decks for $600. (Reading it again I wonder if $600 included the cost of the table as well.) $0.07-$0.15 for an RFID came from a ...
mice against cheaters
RFIDs were suggested in another thread recently and a (highly non scientfic) google revealed a cost of $0.07-$0.15 each. I wondered what that would translate into once a manufacturer tooled up to include them. $150 per deck is truly shocking! Alibaba has them for $2-$35 which ...
Tablets with a table feel
Maybe I just react badly to a suggestion about what I must assume but I don't see the logic in assuming mistrust. As well as revokes and ?OOT perhaps these players appreciate a record of the play. They might find it a bit quaint (+costly +time consuming) to have ...
WBF Anti-Doping Regulations
To further the transparent "cleaning up" of bridge: 14 (a) I accept to be subject to the anti-doping rules of WBF, although they have nothing whatsoever to do with the laws of the game... (b) I rejoice in the WBF's acquiescence wrt the Court of Arbitration in Sport's ...
Ever heard or seen this?
There is a description of the rules at Also a couple of variations are described and it lists a number of books and links.
Guidelines for BBO Vugraph Commentators
C++ > I'd like to do more commentary myself, but I feel it is like a tree falling in a forest--will anyone be listening? I'm an indifferent player - so maybe from a Bridge Winners perspective a statistical outlier - but during an LC commentary I feel I do have a ...
Guidelines for BBO Vugraph Commentators
First Roland, and others mentioned upthread, thanks for all your hard work. > latest technologies are increasingly paranoid about allowing app access to speakers and microphone I'm not sure I understand this, so maybe I'm missing something. Wouldn't my pc/phone/tablet speakers and microphone be rather pointless ...
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