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Peter Fordham
Peter Fordham
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Sept. 23, 2015
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6 hours ago
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Bridge Player

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Favorite Bridge Memory
Playing in final of NZ open teams C'ship 2000, screen mate for 64 boards, RHO, Geir Helgemo, on defence, I knew I had to switch to card from K10x with AJx in dummy to have chance to defeat contract. I selected K which proved to be good enough. Geir, graciously, privately said, "Well defended Peter. If you examine the possible spot layouts closely, you'll see that the 10 is slightly better." Geir, champion, gentleman, scholar.
Bridge Accomplishments
Int'l: Played one Bermuda Bowl[2001], two Far East/Asia Pacific C'ships [1985, 2001], several Zone 7 C'ships [winning 2001]. Nat'nl: Won most open teams c'ships in Australasia including both Aust. and NZ Open Teams and Aust. Seniors teams.. Represented Qld, ACT and NSW at Aust Nat'nl C'ships[Open]. ACBL: Won Montreal Regional KO teams 1986?
Regular Bridge Partners
Not currently playing regularly
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Favorite Tournaments
Australian Summer Festival of Bridge [includes National Open Teams and National Seniors Teams]
Favorite Conventions
The only good conventions are those that partner and I both understand thoroughly and use wisely.
ACBL Ranking
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Director Ruling
@Kit W You state that W X of 2 might not be takeout after the fit has been found. But when W bid 2 he thought he was bidding a natural 2 and only became aware of the 'H fit' when partner alerted and explained the bid ...
Director call in Honolulu
The latter. I come from the land down under, and while we as a nation are influenced more and more by America, our stronger heritage (since 1788 when the white folk arrived) remains with the Brits. I was born there, but my mother spent her childhood in USA, so I ...
Director call in Honolulu
It seems reasonably clear that your side committed an infraction since you made an alertable bid, 3, which your partner did not alert. However, were the opponents damaged? that is less clear and in the absence of further information I am unable to judge that. What I can reasonably ...
Funny comment by a novice
Superfluous to some is correct grammatical form to others. My dictionary in its Guide to Punctuation under Apostrophe at one point observes, and I quote - An apostrophe is used for the plural forms of single letters or numbers, as with: p's and q's 1's and 2's ...
3Nt jump rebid facing an unpassed hand
Too strong for a jump rebid to 3m, not strong enough for a 2 opening bid, too unbalanced for a 2NT opening, and little or no fit for responder's suit (xx or worse). How is opener supposed to describe x KQx AQ AQJ10xxx after 1:1 ...
Rohit Gupta's bidding problem: 984 86 Q96 J9642
Loathe is quite a strong emotional response. I find that when I allow my emotional capacity to overrule my analytical effort, my bidding judgment suffers. Perhaps others differ.
Rohit Gupta's bidding problem: J9643 95 Q64 T95
The lack of shape is the reason for bidding 3 not 4 To bid less is to simply make it easier for the opponents to enter the auction at a low level. Once one is able to enter cheaply, the other is well placed to judge what to ...
Liam O'Brien's bidding problem: T2 AJ5 T97 AQ764
@David C It is good to see that Al Roth and Tobias Stone are alive and well and speak through you, but the world has moved on. Opening the bidding is the most important strike you can make against opponents. Do it whenever possible FWIW playing Culbertson honour tricks as ...
Liam O'Brien's bidding problem: T2 AJ5 T97 AQ764
4 Might not be a popular choice, but 4 gets me nowhere. I am not going to Pass in fright.
Hanoi Rondón's bidding problem: J86 9 A732 AJT84
Pass. Double might look attractive, but what if your hand was Axx KQJ9 xxxx Kx You would not bid over 2 and you know they almost certainly won't make 4. Unless you have a clear partnership agreement that Double here is Takout, you have to Pass as ...
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