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March 21, 2012
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Double Standards
Thats better. I agree
Double Standards
I had 7 top tricks but I dont think I missplayed the hand. How likely is it that I Will go down? It Will cost 3 imps if the spades are KQ. We lost the match by 2 imps so 3 imps might be wirth something
Double Standards
I Will post a revised version later. I was too upset last night when I wrote it. I apologize for that
Eight ever, nine never? A new situation
If East holding 108 then he might be afraid of partner holding Q3! He might be afraid og helping the declarer. If he having the Q then it cant be wrong to play a club.
Peter Fredin won this slam. Will you...?
I told jeppe about some hands just for fun but I definately dont wanted it on bridgewinners! Also Extra irritating when the cards and the bidding are not correct!! I had as South AQJx and dummy K9x. A lot of the other small cards are also wrong. I upgraded my ...
Running The Gauntlet In Poland
Roy, That was one of the best food and wine experiences I have had. Txs a lot.
Late Start in USA - Spain Match
I guess you are right about my english. Txs for pointing that out for me. How is your swedish by the way?
Late Start in USA - Spain Match
I have never seen that a pair have written +14-17 somewhere else then in the USA. I think it it stupid to do so. Obviously that also leads to some problem for some pairs who have an agreement to play different defense against +13-16NT or 14-16NT. To downgrade 4333 is ...
Late Start in USA - Spain Match
The incident 7 years ago didnt irritate me much back then ( I was not at the table) and it for sure dont irritate me now. What irritated me the most back then was when I at the last board ran the 10 from 10xx towards KQ8x to loose an imp ...
Late Start in USA - Spain Match
Spot on Andreas. I totally agree. Terrible behavour from the spanish team! I feel sad for Lall-Bathurst. They dont deserve this shit. Unfortunataly many american pairs have done similar things including pairs who have played in the Diamond team.

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