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Peter Jan Plooy
Peter Jan Plooy
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Sept. 29, 2015
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about me

I am a civil engineer by profession, living in Breda (NL). Started playing bridge relatively late, about the age of 26. Been member of the same club in Delft since 26 years.

Middle level club player (Hoofdklasse, for you Dutchies).


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DBC, Delft, the Netherlands
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When your tires are flat
And when West doesn't accept 1 for the second time? Groundhog Day?
You be the commentator
Why would you need the Tournament Director after playing KQ? Do you expect a revoke?
When your tires are flat
Yes, there is, Ray. But also a much too small fraction. "The internet" is not local anyway, so we have to look at the global picture.
When your tires are flat
I don't know what bidding boxes you use, but in the ones we have the 1 and 2 cards [b]are[/b] adjacent (vertically).
When your tires are flat
Ray, most of the internet [b]is[/b] powered by fossil fuels. Most power plants in the world run on gas or oil, a minority is nuclear.
Your Take on This Exposing This Revoke?
John, you may have missed it, but I agree with you. I was pointing out the difference between your comment and Doug's just above it.
Your Take on This Exposing This Revoke?
Robert, This "revokes are part of the game" nonsense is similar to the arguments used to block video refereeing in soccer. It's bullocks. Referee mistakes are not a necessary component of the game. They are a flaw. If unavoidable, we can live with them. But if possible, they should ...
Your Take on This Exposing This Revoke?
This is exactly the difference between the legalist school and the 'active ethics' (or 'sportsmanship', if you prefer) school. The latter group sees that they damaged opponents and want that fixed. The former group doesn't see how that matters...
Your Take on This Exposing This Revoke?
Ed, "Do we want to take the law literally?" I never thought I would see [b]you[/b] ask this question... ;)
Your Take on This Exposing This Revoke?
Steve, this explanation differs considerably from "So, if I choose to reveal an irregularity by my side, I have literally operated outside the rules/laws. That is an irregularity in itself" So that's an improvement. Some here feel that there is a field of human behaviour outside the strict ...

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