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Peter Karlsson
Peter Karlsson
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Jan. 6, 2016
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Aug. 10, 2017
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about me

51 yrs old. Swedish.


I have played bridge for about 30 years, with a pause of several years due to priorities (family and work).

I'm not a great player, but I suppose I am ok. Been in some national finals, happened to win a medal at pairs.

Interested in bidding and clever methods.


Currently working as CEO at an engineering consultancy. Sitting on some boards as well.


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BK Centrum, Gothenburg, Sweden
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Bridgefestivalen, Örebro, Sweden
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Yuan Shen's bidding problem: J9743 AQT T QJ52
I like your reasoning. I would feel unsure of 4H without a control unless I had a regular partner facing me, but the reasoning is basically sound. It seems similar to 1S-(2H)-2S-(3H)-? where double is often used to invite game and 3S to express a dislike for ...
Advice needed - Kaplan Inversion/Flannery players welcome
If you are going to jump with intermediate 55 and 64 (which I strongly agree with in general, for instance after 1H-1N natural), I recommend inverting so that 2N holds at least 55 and 3m are 64. The reason is that responder is often badly placed to make an intelligent ...
Advice needed - Kaplan Inversion/Flannery players welcome
If we look at 1D*-1S (promising 5+cards), there seems to be ample space. I suppose responder might hold 3card heart support, so opener would not want to go past 2H without 3+card spade support. Given that you wish to reserve 1N for 14-16, I propose: 2C an ...
Doubling and bidding your suit - is it forcing to game?
There is a (slight?) tendency AFAIK to double and bid a suit with something like 17+ in Europe, while the even more wide-ranging approach is popular in North America. The more wide-ranging approach is also, AFAIK, more often accompanied by ELC. These things lend a certain flavour to the follow-ups ...
Doubling and bidding your suit - is it forcing to game?
I had a nosittej squeeze!!!
Nice ending. One wonders if a club lead and diamond switch from E would have changed anything? East cannot get enough times to remove all the ruffs, so the trump lead was maybe not best this time?
Best use/meaning of this bid.
It might depend on 2/1 or not. If 3C is a suggestion then the tempo of other bids than 3D must have been pre-discussed. Otherwise 3D is a really handy general force. Example 1S-2C F1 2H-3C NF 3S ?
Can you find the Kings?
Ultimate: 1C-2C (start, showing 3 controls and 9AKQp) Then shape: 2D-2H (black suit) 2S-3H (5+S and 4+H) 3S-3N (5-4-2-2) Then controls: 4C-4N (A/K in spades, hearts and clubs and possibly denying spade jack depending on agreements) 7N
suggested defence vs a unusual 2-way bid.
It is simply a method with advantages and disadvantages. Pros: Able to raise the bidding to the 2-level quickly without inspiring partner to compete unto doom. Cons: Losing information when responder has constructive hand. Complaining because opps are making your bidding difficult is ok when disclosure is bad, but otherwise ...
suggested defence vs a unusual 2-way bid.
This situation, and many similar, is different from those where one of your choices might be some active call A or some active call B etc. Here it might be a choice between active call A or PASS, in which case it is a long-term winner to get in a ...
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