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Peter Lipp
Peter Lipp
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July 18, 2010
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Feb. 17
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about me
Intensive learner, practically a beginner (less than 10 years playing intensively), but on the verge of thinking about squeezes on the table, so not all hope is in vain....

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Park Bridge Club Graz
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Salzkammergut Bridgetage
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The Adventures of Mrs. I. Fixum
My wife once fixed one of our opps in a pairs tournament. We play strong club - she opened 1 and got a 1 response from me. Herself having 5 s and a minimum 3=2=5=3 hand she felt like it was time to pass... So I ...
6!D in a 13-card fit
I prefer the Bridge Solver App to the 20 steps recommended above....
Swiss teams - with hand records, bridgemates and less waiting time - it IS possible!
In Pula this year there were ~128 teams, 12 rounds, 8 boards, all duplicated (4 boards per table). Impressive and a great event I recommend to all of you.
Simon Weinberger's bidding problem: A9 AK3 KQ63 QT75
17-19 (I was S)
Fourth-suit (artificial) Forcing
We were playing yesterdays Common Game hands in a team-tournament and while our team-mates were stuck in 2, obviously assuming "to play" (need to ask them though) which brought us 6 IMPs since the opps at our table luckily went down in 4. All other tables bid 3N ...
Peter Lipp's bidding problem: AK973 KJ AKQ6 97
so far pretty unanimous - and that's also what I had bid. Of course 6 was laydown and we earned 25%. No idea how the bidding went elsewhere. I also thought like Steven - if 4 was cue confirming spades... Or if my p didn't open her hand ...
Richard Traxler's bidding problem: QJ84 KJT73 7 972
playing 2 as and another, 5-9, 5+/4+ this should be ok to bid ...
not that I cared about master points, but what percentage of the players will indeed get any?
100% of the match points depend on your play(2nd trick)
What about x-AKJxxxxx-84-Qx thinking "bid as if I had a spade void, maybe they believe me..." - otoh "none present were that sophisticated" doesn't make that likely....
MPs squeeze
Now playing hearts after AKAK may have the disadvantage that you are down before any squeeze materializes. And if AK hold, the hand gets trivial anyhow....

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