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Peter Lund
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March 20, 2013
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March 23
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Rohit Gupta's bidding problem: AKJ7654 KT AK6 T
Yes we have to D - just Q by partner and u make 4 - and u are passed out in 1
Ruling from the Junior Trials
Using screens u dont talk u write information to your screen-mate -that the official rule! In Denmark we dont alert NT-openings on ballanced hand from 11 to 18 HCP - Here we use convention cards!
Improving vugraph
2-3 voice-commentators are perfect - If we are 4 then we normal split and 2 go to another table. To be alone in commentaor-box dont work well. Sadly only very few good commentators sign up for voice - Its very easy: u need at headset with microphone - and when u pres the ...
Open Chennai Discussion Thread
Jan: Geir Helgemo is not coach of the danish ladies - its was only a joke started by Christina Lund Madsen ;)
Open Chennai Discussion Thread
The danish ladies was not a late entry! They won their place in VC in Croatia! It was in BB that the danes came in
Credential committee´s decision
Sorry - wrong information - they played in Croatia
Yuan Shen's bidding problem: KJ8 9 AQJ AJT983
On the first hand N would have bid 2♠
Will France Replace Germany?
Traian has also setup a new layout for video - 12 channels transmitting from 6 matches Open and Closed rooms
BBO – Vugraph – Sponsors
In Sanya only a problem in finals - and it could work with no problem in EBL and ACBL
BBO – Vugraph – Sponsors
I Spingold and other events we normal in 3. and 4 segment see the match with the smalest IMP margin. In segment 1 and 2 the ornaniser try to find the most interesting match - u cant serve all, but very often I agree with Jans choise
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