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Phil Benamy
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Jan. 25
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July 15
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about me

South Florida club director -- over 5,000 tables a year for over 20 years

Have misplayed ACOL, Fantunes, KS, Precision, Roman Club along with Standard and 2/1

I consider it bad luck to let the opponents make the rules

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Bronze Life Master
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Yusuf Sohtorik's bidding problem: AQ986 AQ97 Q976 ---
I used to double. Too many 3 bids from south have changed my mind.
errant claim
page 75 from Duplicate Decisions 2008 Example 1: Dummy 3 2 3 2 2 West East 3 --- 6 4 --- A K 6 4 --- Q J — --- J Declarer A K Q J 2 — Spades are ...
errant claim
I would not like to win or lose a trick this way. I am reasonably certain that ACBL rules dictate that suits are played from the top down in claim situations. (barring comments otherwise). It was careless to misplace the ace. It would be irrational to play small from the ...
How do you rule on this sitiuation
It would be nice if more posts indicated country of origin and level of play. The standard ACBL convention card have a line in Notrump Opening Bids reading "Systems on over____". Many of the locals (South Florida) mark 2 + x. Many locals have other agreements. Duplicate Decisions 2008 has ...
Defending a “psych”
After reading the comments, I expect that I will bid the weak 2NT far less often with a fit, I will just raise. On the other hand, I intend to experiment with raising on weak hands with shortness in partner's suit.
Defending a “psych”
2NT is not Ogust, 3 is. When I learned Ogust (Modern Bridge Conventions 1970 Root & Pavlicek the glossary) opener was expected to bid 3NT with AKQxxx and out. So maybe not a controlled psyche. I wonder if opener is permitted to double an overcall of 2NT. If not, likely ...
The 3 word challenge
different every day
Competition and . . . Rules
72 General Principles 1. Duplicate bridge tournaments should be played in strict ac- cordance with the Laws. A more casual, sporting attitude may be tolerated in a club duplicate game. suggestion: buy the director a beer and get the lay of the land
Play (Interruption)
first) I consider it bad luck to let the opponents make the rules second) Marion said "but in a club game when both opponents practically shout you just said "play", I thought it best to just let it go." -- I cannot disagree enough. WHEN YOU SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING. When ...
What are opponents entitled to
In ACBLland; you should explain your agreements, whatever is on your convention card. If you were behind screens, partner would be explaining hearts and spades (your agreement). As for summoning the director, you are under limited obligation to explain that your call deviates from your methods. Your call seems to ...
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