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Phil Clayton
Phil Clayton
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July 27, 2010
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about me

Originally started playing when I was 15 in Northern Montana when there was no such thing as junior bridge. Moved to Orange County, CA in the late-80's and gave up live-bridge until 2000, but was active on Imagination Network and OKB and was an early adopter of BBO. Resumed live bridge in 2000. Moved to Dallas in early 2017 and we are loving it and the bridge community.

Married to the consummate bridge widow Kimi, and we have three ex-caddies that share our name, as well as one grandchild (gasp!). I currently lead the Program Management Office at Toyota Motor, NA in Plano.

I coach Agile teams and teach and support JIRA. I would have liked to see the ACBL move in an Agile direction with my help, but they chose a different direction. If you are taking the time to read this I do not mind sharing that with you.  

My regular partner, Andrew Gumperz and I have developed Martian Standard which is a blend between what Fantunes and Welland/Auken play. It is fun to play and very effective. Sorry, you cannot have the notes, but I will provide a system summary if you are interested.  

For non-bridge activities, we used to play a lot of golf but really enjoy mountain biking and finding new places to ride. I also spend too much time on the Saturday and Sunday NY Times crosswords.   

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
My last NABC
Bridge Accomplishments
10K pairs in Atlanta whatever that is worth
Regular Bridge Partners
Gumpz, Nagy and sometimes Bart
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Favorite Tournaments
My next NABC
Favorite Conventions
Anything that quickly gets to the final contract with the least amount of information.
BBO Username
Phil (yes, really)
ACBL Ranking
Diamond Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Junk Stayman with 4-4 Majors
Hopefully this hand gets handled by 1N 2 2 2 - at least in the 6-8 range. There is a viewpoint that garbage stayman is better suited for hands with longer spades than hearts but I think that is a minority opinion.
A specific hcp count - how often?
13-15 will become the new 14-16.
Do you open this hand in 1st seat Love All at IMPs?
Please play partnership bridge against me.
Do you open this hand in 1st seat Love All at IMPs?
Not a lot of problem with 2, but this side of the pond is fuzzy on 'love all'.
Second trick decision 3
Partner just needs to be on their toes and cash the A before the promo. It may not be obvious.
Second trick decision 3
I was hoping for Jxx with pard and a round ace.
Playing up in KO's - what am I missing?
In Houston last year, Richard Pavlicek was on my team. We had no problem getting upbracketed.
Shailesh Gupta's bidding problem: Axx Axx x AKxxxx
Classic problem.
Takeout or penalty?
Only if GF. Direct 2M is Reverse flannery.
Takeout or penalty?
Or maybe the person wasn't sure what a direct 2 would mean in a casual partnership?

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