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A list of "Just bridge" situations
Hi Peg: 1. Suppose it depends on what is far from balanced. I think its simply good bridge to do it on a lot of non traditional NT patterns. I dont think this is just bridge at all - although its a lot closer than the other two. 2. Passing a ...
A list of "Just bridge" situations
Good list. In any type of serious event no one is going to get their knickers in a knot when these happen. However, might I suggest that: 1. Opening 1NT with hands that are far from balanced - to show the strength of the hand, because of rebid problems or just ...
How should declarer approach 3N? (Part two) SORRY - EDITED
I dont think a spade is obvious from AQxx especially with long clubs. Furthermore assuming our opponents have an agreement between Txx and Txxx, LHO is leading low at the 2nd round. With AQx theres no choice.
Who Will Direct the Directors?
If I get a question that doesn't coincide with the explanation I just gave, its clear that I need to do a better job with the explanation.
Who Will Direct the Directors?
Or, after the initial hard work and set-up at the beginning of a session, and instead of waiting to get called for an infraction, the directors walk the room and make sure everyone has a completed convention card in front of then? Or is that too much to ask?
How should declarer approach 3N? (Part two) SORRY - EDITED
I think its around 80%
Winston Chang's bidding problem: QJ8754 Q7543 9 4
This is an auction where I do not like to play support doubles.
Winston Chang's bidding problem: AQT76 J8654 2 Q3
"Too dangerous to pass".
Responder's splinter rebids after a 2-over-1
No problem Craig. I read too much into "at least" 2/3 honors.
Responder's splinter rebids after a 2-over-1
A long time ago it was common if you held a great five card suit, and four card support for partner that you could make a strong jump shift and then support partner. Then Soloway (developed?) popularized the idea of showing shortness on the 2nd round and support. Wonderful! I ...

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