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Phil Clayton
Phil Clayton
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July 27, 2010
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about me

Professional: Part of the Agile consulting practice at NTT Data after running the PMO at Toyota. Starting 1/20, I will be partially based in Seattle although I live in Dallas. 


Personal: Dad to three ex-caddies and one very patient and understanding spouse. Besides bridge, I enjoy mountain biking and I'm relearning the guitar (might swap lessons if you are game).  


Bridge: Reigning king of the machines. Have won a few minor league NABC's in the last two years. Inventor of Martian Standard with Andrew Gumperz (IM me for a summary). 


United States of America

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Passed hand jump to 2NT
And I thought minors was standard. I've also played it as just clubs, keeping the 3 call as a flower - this allows us to drop in 2N if warranted. Whatever you play, it doesn't come up a whole often.
Have You discussed this auction
A splinter would not occur to me. Raises start with 2N or x. Im expecting KQJxxxx across. It's close to a raise.
Partnership Defense
Sorry Len, I thought the present count comment referred to the opening leader. Still, it's not my preferred use of the club spot. We should be able to work out declarer's pattern by his line of play. The diamond play is a little weird - it seems like he ...
Partnership Defense
Standard count after we lead the lowest card in a suit isn't particularly useful.
Drop or hook
Yes, I was not a fan of 2N. I was a lesser fan of 4. My 5N was not in tempo. Clearly we didn't have a agreement about 4. Bridge is perfect. People are imperfect. We try to our best and hope we make our parents proud ...
Drop or hook
But that's not the case here RR.
Teaching or Disclosure? The General Grammar of Cue-Bidding
Jim, this is getting to be a confusing discussion, because hands that cue bid to show a raise and hands that are cuebidding for slam are being discussed simultaneously.
Teaching or Disclosure? The General Grammar of Cue-Bidding
Objection: Counsel is leading the witness.
Teaching or Disclosure? The General Grammar of Cue-Bidding
Doesn't seem like a quantum leap to say, "shows 1st or 2nd round control". "Cant be passed" sounds pretty condescending to me.
Drop or hook

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