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Philippe Bodard
Philippe Bodard
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June 5, 2014
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July 4
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about me

Historian of the games of bridge and whist

Player in Division One (Matchpoints, best 44 pairs) in France


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winner of the "Coupe de France 2019"
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Thomas Bessis invokes Rabbi's Rule
No, in French it is : "Le roi de trèfle est toujours seul et mal placé" (seul, not seule, trèfle with accent, and no capital letter with roi in this case"
Deschapelles Coup??
Not exact : the Emperor's coup is the discard of one ACE
Harry Polunsky?
Hi David, Just in case you dont know, Harry had many descendants : see the biography of his son Sylvan, all the descendants are quoted. One of them surely knows about the Harry's collection. A grandson lives always in San Angelo, where was Harry. ...
Director call in Honolulu
It is very curious, very strange that the author of the post gave us only one hand to judge the auctions. I suspect the hearts are something as ADVx and Rxxxxx or ARVx and 10xxxxx.
Director call in Honolulu
When I write "natural", it is with a weak hand.
Director call in Honolulu
About 3 Hearts, I think there were three different periods in France. In the old days : natural. After : super-forcing ( not splinter). And today, a tendency to be natural (4 Hearts is of course splinter). I really think 3H splinter was never a trend in France.
History of Bridge
Biritch (more exactly known as "Britch")and Bridge (or simple Bridge or Straight Bridge, after also called Whist-Bridge) are the same game. In bridge or biritch/britch, a mandatory dummy but no auction, and existence of "Double/Redouble". You have to not make a confusion between Bridge, Auction Bridge and ...
History of Bridge
Bridge was known in Romania in the end of the 1860'-I have several proofs-, before it was introduced in Constantinople in the beginning of 1873. And it was said that the game came before from Russia. (It was exact, the bridge game is only a variation of a russian ...
History of Bridge
There is practically nothing in this book on the first appearances of bridge. But for the general history of bridge, the book is a good compilation
Congratulations to Monaco! Now named official 'winners' of the 2014 European Championships
Congrats to the CAS, the Olympic Sport, and the EBL.

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