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Phillip Martin
Phillip Martin
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July 12, 2011
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Phillip Martin lives in Scarsdale, New York. He is the Chief Technology Officer for Gargoyle Strategic Investments in Englewood, New Jersey. He is also a composer, currently serving as Composer-in-Residence for Hartford Opera Theater. While he retired from tournament play some twenty years ago to pursue other interests, he has remained active in bridge as a writer, contributing occasional articles to The Bridge World and Bridge Today and publishing a bridge blog, The Gargoyle Chronicles.

United States of America

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Any problem with the second tanking?
Thinking about what to do is not in itself a problem. In fact, it's usually a good idea.
Jarek Langer's bidding problem: KQ753 5 Q8763 A2
I've never understood this argument. If I'm your partner, I trust you to do what you think is right. Why would I want to play with someone who does what he thinks is wrong just to humor me?
Neural Network Programming
WIth the tools available today, t's very easy. You can find courses on Coursera or Udemy. Here is one I took some time ago. Neural networks is only one section of the course, so it may be better to find a course dedicated to the subject. But this course ...
Jacoby 2 Nt Responses over interference
Lots of agreements are possible, but I believe one agreement you should avoid is playing double shows a singleton in the bid suit. Double should show some hand type where there is a chance partner will choose to pass it. Similarly, pass should show some hand type where there is ...
Failed attempt for a doubled overtrick
Estimating the IMP expectation is hard enough. Now you want me to estimate the area under the normal density function as well? If the match wasn't infinitely long to start with, it will be now.
Failed attempt for a doubled overtrick
If you think a line of play has a positive IMP expectation, you take it. Doubled contracts can be hard to assess, since your potential gain and loss is affected by whether or not the same contract is doubled at the other table. But you judge the risk vs. reward ...
What's this double?
If opener has a take-out double of diamonds and can't double, he risks the auction ending there. Selling out with shortness in the opponents' suit is generally not a good idea. But if he wants to double to show diamonds and can't, it may not make much difference ...
Is this restricted choice
Applying restricted choice does not require you to assume your opponent is choosing his card from QJ at random. In fact, the whole point of applying restricted choice is to avoid making any assumptions about how your opponent plays. When you see an honor and when the only possibilities are ...
Is this restricted choice
Of course it's a consideration. A priori either opponent is more likely to hold one honor than to hold both. A more important question is whether other considerations are more compelling--specifically what do they know about my hand and why are they leading this suit at all?
NT lead
The 4, but not for any of the reasons listed. It's because I have nothing I want to encourage partner to shift to. If I lead a club (and I'm not sure I would, by the way), it's because I think clubs is where our tricks are ...

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