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Phyllis Yates
Phyllis Yates
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June 4, 2013
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Phyllis Yates's bidding problem: xx Axx x AQxxxxx
What surprises you? Don't you assume 2D is limit+?
THANKS for bearing with me on this... I heard a couple of experts say once "first DBL is TO, second is PENALTY" and I'm trying to find the auction(s) in which that might be correct So far all the second Doubles seem to be TO by most of ...
Does it mean
These not mine either but one of our players bid like this and I was trying to determine if there was any sense to it or whether some (including me) were missing something.. I think the very first comment summed it up well "I think it means that the 3C ...
Does it mean
ATxx Good enough
What does it mean
3 clubs is not weak in our system but invitational
Meaning of DOUBLE
I gather 2NT cannot be a "psyche", right? What does the 2NT bidder have to have in order for it to not be a psyche?
Phyllis Yates's bidding problem: T9xx Axxxxx Tx x
Thanks for all the comments. So let's assume that the hand bids one heart and the bidding proceeds as before. Do you still bid 4 spades when partner bids 2 spades over to 2 clubs?
Phyllis Yates's bidding problem: Txx Jxxxx xx Qxx
Hi All - thanks for your comments. I, too, thought the auction was impossible but wanted to make sure that I hadn't missed something. Your discussions confirmed that and I appreciate them. My partner held AQJxx, Ax, AKxxxx, X. Once he doubled he didn't know how to catch up ...
Phyllis Yates's bidding problem: Txx Jxxxx xx Qxx
You're at the table, partner has made this bid and then 3S. So you pick up and go home?? ;) You can't abstain. I guess you can pass 3D if that's what you want to do? Or would you prefer to decide after partner bids 3S?
Phyllis Yates's bidding problem: Txx Jxxxx xx Qxx
Auction is correct. That's one reason this problem is here.
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