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Ping Hu
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March 16, 2011
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United States of America

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Scored a 64% section top in my first NABC game (Red Ribbon) with a partner I never played before.
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Silver Life Master
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Basic 2/1 with Mike Ma
2 over 1
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A better rating system
The rating used by Commongame based on my system is based on per board data. It takes into account who you played against and who else played the same board.
A better rating system
This does not sound like a good rating system to me. It does not measure the strength that should be relatively stable.
IMP Pairs
In that case the best strategy is just playing your own game and not worry about others. I think mixed scores will create some variations for players ranked in the middle. There were discussions about players getting lucky on certain boards. If they were lucky they could scored top in ...
IMP Pairs
Thomas, your real opponents are not those who sit at your table but those who play the same board at other tables. It is more important to know how they would do than the pair you play against.
IMP Pairs
Could we set up a pair game and let players choose what scoring method they want to be scored? Some players will choose MP and others IMP. That would be very interesting.
A better rating system
Current ACBL handicap is based on players' masterpoint that is not a reflect of player's skill. The handicap is probably calculated based on data from 30-40 years ago when masterpoint really meant something, but is totally inadequate now. The handicap is based on an expected score calculated from players ...
A better rating system
@Jeff, if you are interested in how a rating system could do for club, you could take a look at the rating system implemented for the Commongames. Some clubs use it to do seeding. Others use the handicap derived from rating to score the ...
IMP Pairs
Should it be every board having equal weight? If so, why do we need game bonus, slam bonus and vulnerability? We could just score every board the same way.
IMP Pairs
This is probably more to do with how bridge is taught. I did not learn bridge in US but in China 40 years ago. When I learnt it we always scored in IMP. IMP score has a different strategy where game and slam are more important. When I first played ...
2022 WBF tournament location
Jan, China Eastern has direct flight from San Francisco to Qingdao. I found it from The round trip ticket for next Feb is about $660. No price for next October yet.

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