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Ping Hu
Ping Hu
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March 16, 2011
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about me

Learned to play bridge when I was in high school in China where no bridge books were available at that time. Took a long break from bridge after college due to work and family. Came back to play again since 2010.

United States of America

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Scored a 64% section top in my first NABC game (Red Ribbon) with a partner I never played before.
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Silver Life Master
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Precision - GCC
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Precision with Mark
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Basic 2/1 with Mike Ma
2 over 1
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BOD Restructure Vote
@Steve, In this new map three new regions are from single district. These three DD should be automatically change to RR and not be allowed an extra 3 year term.
BOD Reduction Vote
@Jeff, you could find a list of masterpoint committee members from the following link (look at the bottom). I was in their meeting during LV NABC since I did the rating study per their request. In my observation the committee member are ...
ACBL Live über alles
Yes. This is true. Live4Club uses a new Masterpoint engine that could be easily reconfigure/updated. The input file is based on USEBIO standard, see following link. The current implementation is to convert ACBLscore game file into USEBIO format and process it. By the way, some information ...
ACBL Live über alles
@Matthew, thanks for posting this and thanks for what you have done to improve bridge game. As you may know, I've worked with ACBL as a part-time consultant for a couple years. The new Live4Club is based on a new database developed on AWS while the tournament Live website ...
ACBL Live über alles
It will be but it is not on priority now. You could call ACBL and give it a push.
Rating Study from ACBL Tournaments
@Steve, I completely agree with you on #1. Notice the plot of rating vs. masterpoint. There were almost no players landed in the region of low rating but high MP. I speculate those high MP players mainly played in club where they still could get masterpoints, and stopped playing in ...
SF BOD Motion
I believe this is in response to a District 6 request from the following thread.
SF BOD Motion
The current board members are listed below. Eight of them term ended in 2020. I suppose no new DD will be elected after that.
ugly insufficient bid over multi 2D
Jan, I also use 3 to show the other major, not necessarily . It asks opener to respond if he/she has 3 cards in the other major. Do you think if this is comparable?
ACBL Instant Matchpoint Game -- E/W Scoring Bias?
I have the counts for board 8 below. I think this one is clearly favoring EW if you compare with score sheet. ns_score ew_score counts NP NP 4 1100 -1100 2 800 -800 4 500 -500 10 430 -430 16 420 -420 22 400 -400 39 300 -300 8 250 ...

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