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Prahalad Rajkumar
Prahalad Rajkumar
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Oct. 8, 2010
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13 hours ago
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Bridge Player

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ACBL Ranking
John Adams - Prahalad Rajkumar
2 over 1
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Rajkumar Precision 2016-10-18
Precision 14-16 NT
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Raghu - Prahalad HCL 2017
Precision 14-16 NT
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Henry Sun's bidding problem: A AT2 Q643 A8532
An aggressive double for me. Not routine by any means.
Who underbid?
The actions taken seem very reasonable. I would not bid Michaels with the East hand, nor would I take any other action than 3 over 2NT. West could potentially have passed 2 out for 200, but his actual action seems normal, as -100 would be bad. Sometimes you ...
Who is to blame for this disaster
I agree with the comme thus far, both North and South made poor calls: - South has an automatic 3C overcall - I would have started with 2NT rather than double with the North hand - North should have bid 3NT rather than 3D over South's 3C free bid with nice major ...
Oren Kriegel's lead problem: K8 AT6 KJ43 J532
In lead problems such as this, it seems to me that specifying lead conventions (3rd/5th or 4th best) would be useful, so that e.g. the 3 and 2 voters will be counted together, giving a feel for what percentage of people led a club vs a diamond.
Prahalad Rajkumar's bidding problem: J9754 A65 K2 KJ6
Partner held xx Qx QJ AQ9xxxx
Prahalad Rajkumar's bidding problem: J9754 A65 K2 KJ6
I'll post the layout in a few days, once a reasonable amount of people have voted.
LO Wins Roth Swiss
Congratulations folks, great performance!
In the Well: Jeff Meckstroth
Hi Jeff, Thanks for being in the well! How did you go from being an expert player to achieving mastery at the game? What are the factors which make you the best among the best? Also, regarding not letting emotions affect the next deal - did you have to work at ...
Michael Seamon (1960-2017)
When I asked Michael his opinion on what he would have done in a given bridge situation, he took his time and patiently gave me his opinion, which I greatly appreciated. RIP.
Ben Kompa Named Churchill Scholar
Congratulations Ben!

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