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Rafael Sacramento
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April 2, 2017
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Jan. 27
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about me

i consider myself an advancing player: stronger then intermediates but still far away from expertise


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Simple Transfers over 1 Club opening
Hand # 5 (with Verbeek - Molenaar in NS) uses transfers over 1, with 1NT beeing GF - see it here:
Should a 2/1 by advancer be one round forcing?
just for the sake of curiosity here is the link to the hand: The hand number is the 3
Should a 2/1 by advancer be one round forcing?
Responder never bid. Here is overcaller hand: KQ432 J83 A64 Q9 At one table the bidding went: 1 1 pass 2 pass 2 pass 2NT pass 3NT all pass Biding at the other table: 1 1 pass 2NT pass 3NT ...
Doubt over Subsequent attack
What is the point of playing upside down in this situation? For me, if playing standard signaling with, lets say, 852, I'd lead the 2 (1/3/5) and also play the 2 if partner asked for count in this suit; instead, if playing UDCA, I'd play the ...
Doubt over Subsequent attack
@ Frances: you said: "“Upside down original count” equals “standard current count”" Could you pls elaborate a bit?
Doubt over Subsequent attack
"original count" good point!
Doubt over Subsequent attack
ok, but what should I play if I was using Kalita's agreements?
Mikael Rimstedt's bidding problem: A875 A6 96 AT965
probably short in clubs
Mikael Rimstedt's bidding problem: A875 A6 96 AT965
Can we see partner's hand?
Gazzilli doubt
I just dealt this hands: Partner: Axxx Qx AJx xxxx Opener: KQx AJxxx Kxx Jx Playing vanilla 2/1 bidding would be along these lines: 1 - 1 1NT - 2NT (invite) 3NT (accept) But using Kaplan and Gazzilli things get harder: 1 - 1* (0-4 cards) 2 ...
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