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Raghavan P.S.
Raghavan P.S.
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July 27, 2011
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Sept. 7
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Bridge Player
about me

I am Raghavan.P.S. I am a male aged 84 as on 27-02-2018.  I am a medical doctor from Chennai of Tamil Nadu in India. I maintain a website for Bridge game only ( ) without any advertisements in any page and without sponsors. It is maintained for the past 18 years from my personal finance. I have been playing bridge for the past 45 years. Has been directing tourneys. I was a director in India's winter Nationals held at Chennai in early 90s. 

I cover major tourneys of bridge game like World championships, NABC, USBC, EBL, EBU etc in my website.. 

Bridge Information

Member of Bridge Club(s)
Bridge Federation of india - Tamil nadu branch
Favorite Tournaments
World championships, NABC, EBL,Australian
Favorite Conventions
Precision, SAYC, ACOL
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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Priorities for the WBF - Followup
Reading all about ccs, wrong explanations, cheating etc . I would suggest one Team event in every WBF tourney, where minimum conventions are to be used along with 2/1, 5cd Major, Acol, simple precision systems . conventions to be permitted are Stayman and Blackwood, weak 2s,4 suit transfers, standard carding ...
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Open Orlando Discussion Thread
Now available>
Open Orlando Discussion Thread
Peg Kaplan wrote> Is there a post somewhere of the bracket for tomorrow, so we can see who is playing whom? If there is, can someone let me know where it is hiding? (Thanks.) And - IF there is NOT one - WHY not?; Yes , it is also available > https://www.bridgeinworld ...
Open Orlando Discussion Thread
Andy Muenz writes> From now on, when someone gives the name of a convention rather than a description, ask them if they play it the same way you do (without telling them how you play it). That should get them to give you a detailed explanation rather than just a ...
Open Orlando Discussion Thread
This happened yesterday after end of phase of 64 before seeding for phase of 32. 2 appeals delayed the draw for phase 32. One appeal was decided that at this level, defender should know that there are variations of conventions and hence appeal not allowed.
Open Orlando Discussion Thread
Stayman was bid but opp did not know that is a variant of usual. Defense could have been different if known. Ruling was that at this level, one is expected to know there are variations of Conventions. So NOW every one has to ask details for every convention bid. It ...
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To Peg Kaplan Yes. In swiss, a pop up comes up showing the names of team players. It is not so in K.O. as you observed. Yes, if it could be done for 96 teams in swiss, it should be easy for them and helpful for us too if ...
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Peg Kaplan wrote> you cannot see who the members are in K.O stage.I think it is available in K.O. too. View for example> . correct me if I am wrong.
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