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Raghu Rajkumar
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Raghu - Rajkumar
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Worst Bid? For Bidding Theory Geeks Only
If 3 was natural, I think it is an error to bid 3, and not 3. It has been discussed elsethread that the third round spade loser is of particular concern, and this clues partner in to that. Finding a spade fit would be great, but showing ...
Partner Plays Barbu
I wouldn't rule out a raise on a stiff K either. Not many reasonable constructions, but maybe RHO has 8 spades.
Do you employ wide-ranging pre-empts?
Yes, I will miss games or slams. I am not talking in the context of John's old-Precision 13-15, but in the context of wide-ranging pre-empts. I'm willing to write those losses off, and I consider them unlikely compared to possible gains. I'm also way more worried about ...
Do you employ wide-ranging pre-empts?
Playing precision, I recently opened a similar hand (Jx AKx xx AQT9xx) 3. I don't have enough table experience to know if this can work in the long run. My argument is this: What would one open if partner were magically barred from the auction? With light openings ...
Yuan Shen's bidding problem: AKJ64 AQT5 AJ42 ---
3. I'm bidding 7 if partner has a heart control. Otherwise, a risk of a heart ruff seems too great. Edit: Fixed typo
Larry Cohen starts series of articles on bridge ethics
To be more succinct, I have learned here that neither ignorance nor purity of intentions makes an action less unethical.
Larry Cohen starts series of articles on bridge ethics
My question was with reference to the particular hand (should have mentioned that). I agree entirely with Manoj. My earlier wavering was because of uncertainty about the meaning of "unethical." According to Wikipedia (the best authority on everything) ethics relates to "right and wrong conduct." I understand that a person ...
Larry Cohen starts series of articles on bridge ethics
"So, when North makes his slow pass... [South] should ethically bend over backwards to NOT take advantage." Is it unethical to make the suggested bid, or merely illegal?
What is the Worst Thing You Done To Partner? (Humour expected)
I caused this whopper about a year ago: I had something like xxxx xxx xxxx xx perhaps with stray Queens and Jacks. In an auction where the opponents were in a game force, partner bid 4NT for the minors and RHO doubled. I wanted to "right-side" 5, so I ...
Like and Flag isn't enough, we need Dislike
If someone dislikes a post, they are free to post without articulating why (and IME they often do). The dislike button would allow them to express their, er, dislike without adding noise to the discussion.

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