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Rainer Herrmann
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My first bridge book was Iain Macleod "Bridge Is An Easy Game". I read it several times. After many years and some more books I am not so sure any more.
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"If you bid 2♠, you will be assumed to have 13-15 HCP and be balanced. You might be bidding 2♠ on a 3-card suit if nothing else fits. If you bid 3♠, you will be assumed to be short in hearts or clubs, along with having a 4-card spade suit ...
How would you have bid this better?
I voted other, because it looks to me that even the upgrade does not do justice to the South hand. We all are mesmerized by standard point count. This hand looks to me better than the typical standard balanced 20 HCP, particularly if you can find a trump fit. Your ...
How would you have bid this better?
If 3 is limit do you really think 3NT does justice to the South hand?
Bad Claim Case from San Francisco
The trouble is that the LAW also puts you at a clear disadvantage if something is wrong with your claim. You will almost never recover. Claims look deceptively simple. It is on record that Reese reported a deal where he himself made a faulty claim. I advise beginners never to ...
How Hard Will You Strain to Raise
"And what will you bid over 3 or 2♦ even if pd doubles? Will you bid your 4 card ♥ or your 3 card ♠? Will pd know you have 3 card ♠ even if you decide to bid?" Of course you bid spades not hearts and opener will only know that you ...
How Hard Will You Strain to Raise
Carl has not suggested to negative double on the first hand. The question is really whether the first hand is worth a raise in the first place and not whether a free raise shows more but rather whether it should show less @Timo: Letting vulnerable opponents play 3 unless ...
Assess the Regional Swiss blame
Michael, I thought this was clear: you have say Kxxxxx Ax Kx xxx and the bidding starts 1-1-2. I think there is no good way to describe this hand now. 2 is game forcing and the suit is not good enough for 3 in the ...
Assess the Regional Swiss blame
"1♥-1♠, 2♦-2♠ is effectively FSFG. FAR better than 3♣ - opener can actually bid intelligently and ethically. 1♥-2♠ is 6(+)-card ♠, less than invitational values." Michael, so what do you do with a medium, maybe slightly below average 6(+) spade suit and invitational values? In standard opener can ...
Opening with unbalanced strong hand
I agree with the opening but the claim "doubt we have missed game" is nothing but the proverbial Dixie. Partner could have a 4441 yarborough for example and of course when partner responds it will frequently be difficult to get sensible cooperation in any slam investigation.

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