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Question on basic 2/1 style , after 1S-2C
I am not sure whether Richard is right here. What he espouses is a traditional view. What do you open with xxxxx xx AKQx Ax ? I guess there are few proponents for a 1 opening any more. What do you respond to 1 say with AKxx Jxxx xx ...
Question on basic 2/1 style , after 1S-2C
Using the 2 rebid to show diamonds may be natural and standard but is not very efficient anyway. In a game forcing sequence, cheap bids should be used for frequent common hands and expensive bids should be specific. Relay methods are not required to accomplish this.
The Greatest Play
Dear Michael, if a deal is played several times in the same contract by world class players and only a single player is successful and it can be shown that his success was due to a superior line this is enough for me to call such a play great or ...
Another carding argument
Hard to see why a declarer past the beginner stage would play hearts before trumps in a doubled contract holding 3 cards in the suit missing ace and king. There is only an "or" not an "either".
Lead Problem. Are Simulations Believable?
Except I do not see it that lopsided: Assume the contract is beatable: Case 1: You make a risky lead: 60% the defense is not challenged any more. Of this 30% say is successful, the other 30% the defense is dead. (trick presented to declarer on opening lead etc.) 40 ...
Lead Problem. Are Simulations Believable?
"By often leading low from your strong suit, you direct the defense more strongly than by leading passively." Where is the evidence for this? I can not see this. What I can see is that risky leads have more of an all or nothing approach. Often they either work or ...
Winning notrump leads by David Bird & Taf Anthias - your opinion?
Of course computer simulations support the book, but this is not surprising, since the book itself is based on them. This is a circular argument.
Lead Problem. Are Simulations Believable?
What you argue is correct but is no argument against the assumption. If I understand your point you claim that leading from a doubleton the double dummy analysis is way off from actual table result, while leading from your long suit this is not the case. A claim for which ...
Lead Problem. Are Simulations Believable?
"They teach safety and passivity" There may be a trend in this direction and passive leads are attacked here by some, claiming double dummy bias, but this is by no means always the case. In the introduction to the book the authors give the following example: You hold J42 A2 ...
Retain an Entry
I meant both auctions you suggested. Of course you can come up with different clever ideas, but natural interpretation makes perfectly sense and does not require prior agreement. Different ideas do.

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